You’re Not Getting Social, You’re Getting Organized Social

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Many people present social business as being a new concept. As this may help draw the attention of new management trends supporters, it may as well estrange the interest of more conservative groups. So why label it as new entry, when collective intelligence has always been there with us?

Asking the advice of our more experienced colleagues or solving an internal matter by asking for a meeting with employees that have different expertise level are not new practices. So no need for fancy new notions just for the sake of standing out. Now then…why all the fuss around the adoption of this new business approach called “social”?

Well, looks like though you had it, you were limited to an individual experience when you were using it. That’s where dedicated tools break in. In order to bring knowledge sharing activities to their real potential, employing specially designed software is absolutely necessary. The ability of obtaining accurate, complete and on time information needs the support of a collecting machine.

Change is not something that everyone is comfortable with and that’s why introducing social business tools as a new working method may alter the engagement of it.

So people are not getting social, they’re getting organized when getting social. Here is how:

  • knowledge is not only shared, but it gains the characteristic of being reused
  • it’s an opportunity to hear all the voices in a company – everyone’s expertise is welcomed
  • by making a habit out of exercising their professional experience, people feel more challenged to grow
  • it’s a great channel to help new employees better understand your organization’s culture
  • it offers the right environment to test new incentives – see the gamification features.

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Happy Knowledge Sharing!


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