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Knowledge Sharing
for Technical Teams

Technical teams have unique challenges in terms of timely access to knowledge. Working with fast changing technologies, confronted to very different environments and configurations, they need to deliver fast, while ensuring quality and security.

Knowledge Sharing
across Multiple Teams

All the teams within companies accumulate tremendous business knowledge and experience, regardless of the department they belong. Quandora provides an easy, efficient way for them to make this knowledge available to the whole company.


Easy on boarding, intuitive, works on Web, mobile, email
Allows to the topics of interest through subscriptions and notifications
Provides SSO, integrations with popular Enterprise tools (Slack, GSuite, Zendesk, SalesForce, GitHub…)
Powerful search and discovery, self maintaining through crowdsourcing and gamification


Productivity gains

Make the organization’s best problem-solving experiences reusable

Break knowledge silos

Disseminate local knowledge for the whole company’s benefit

Employee Engagement

Improve employee on-boarding, satisfaction, and retention

Supports Culture

Help propagate the culture and the values of your organization

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