Quandora is a Question & Answer Software that helps teams and communities share their knowledge in a fun and efficient way.


Question & Answer Format

As far as sharing knowledge is concerned, asking questions and giving answers is the most natural way to do this. Quandora’s content is built around topics that are important to people. Our platform provides a place where users can gain access and contribute informative bits of knowledge that are difficult, sometimes even impossible, to find in documents and manuals.


Social Integrations

Quandora provides a series of integrations with popular
project management and communication tools.

  • googlesuite

    SSO and users synchronizing are available for organizations using Google Apps.

  • Share your Q&A activity on Yammer, invite your contacts to join you, and more.

  • Zendesk

    Quandora for Zendesk delivers relevant answers to support agents, in their environment.

  • Slack

    Share your questions & answers on Slack, run Quandora queries from Slack, and many more.

  • hipchat

    Thanks to our HipChat integration, users can receive questions and answers in their chat room.

  • salesforce

    SalesForce users, log in using your accounts and share knowledge with your team.

  • active-directory
  • secure-auth
  • okta

Search & Filtering

In Quandora, questions can be browsed and filtered by date, author, and tags. This tagging system adds depth to the content and creates a natural navigation. It is quick and easy to use as a result of its autocompletion options and intuitive, dynamic editing. Additionally, with these tags users can subscribe to topics of interest.


Insight for Managers

Quandora provides managers with an extensive set of clear, meaningful, accurate stats and analytics that:

  • Help take the right measures to facilitate the employees in their day to day work
  • Give additional perspective on team dynamics to optimize each individual value
  • Bring unexpected insights on the employees’ skills.


Everybody likes game. And a bit of competition is a natural way of motivating people. Quandora brings its users a dose of playfulness by rewarding them with reputation points and badges based on their activity. These rewards are visible in profiles, activity feeds, and leader boards.


Email Integration

Everybody uses email and mailing lists. Quandora leverages this familiar workflow to build knowledge. The email integration works in both ways. Quandora delivers content and notifications of interest into people’s inbox. Inversely, content can be pushed to Quandora via email.


Access Control

Quandora provides simple but efficient options to configure what people can (and cannot) do in the Knowledge Bases. Also, we support several third party authentication providers (including Google Apps, Yammer and SalesForce), and allow organizations to easily define access policies based on their email domain.

Automatized users management

Quandora removes the burden of manually managing users, and eases the on-boarding process. Thus, you can:

  • Configure the system to automatically let people log in with their Enterprise account
  • Automatically assign users the right privileges, based on their belonging to an existing Enterprise group
  • Automatically deactivate users that are deactivated in the Enterprise directory.


Open API

Most of Quandora’s features are exposed through our REST API, making it easy to build plugins for third party applications or platforms. Such implementations can go from fully fledged personalized Q&A to smaller scope plugins. This allows developing very custom integrations, fast.