We think that knowledge, education, and learning are essential.

Quandora was designed out of our own experiences building and managing teams working on technological innovation. We found that valuable knowledge was lost or buried when colleagues changed jobs or worked in different locations or timezones. To keep up with the fast-paced world of technology, we wanted to create a place where information could be shared, knowledge could be gained, and teams could improve as a result. And this is how our product was born.

Leadership Team


Andreea Barroca, CEO

Andreea has many years of experience in the software business, having lead in the past business units for software companies like Day Software (now part of Adobe), eZ Systems, and Nuxeo. A former software engineer, she still enjoys messing up with some lines of code from time to time.


Bogdan Stefanescu, CTO

Bogdan is a software architect and developer who spent most of his career architecting large software platforms, contributing to several open source projects on the way. His specialties cover both server-side and client-side frameworks. He likes modularity, RESTful approaches and still count CPU cycles when coding.


Viviana Cherbel, Community Manager

A digital native and social media enthusiast, Viviana has previously successfully implemented online strategies for several medium-small e-commerce shops. She collects Lego and Batman gadgets, and loves chatting with our users.


Eric Barroca, Advisor

Eric, head of a successful software company, brings the team invaluable input thanks to his extensive experience in building software, growing a business, and raising capital. He owns an incredible number of tech gadgets and likes to install alpha and beta applications.