The New Workplace Weekly Digest 03/20

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Social collaboration may be…

…a different way of calling teamwork, but as the author of this article puts it, combining brain power with technological innovations is a game changer. Unfortunately, elements like hierarchical culture and silo thinking still prevent big enterprises from enjoying the power of such technology. Learn how and why this should change from Patrick Willer’s article Is Social Collaboration The Holy Grail For Business Growth? for Forbes.

The power of collaboration is…

…key and collaborative knowledge generation is essential for organization to stay competitive in the social area. And there’s no better way to unlock collaborative potential but with the help of social technology. Set-backs? One is the false dichotomy organizations still foster between managers whose job it is to “think” and workers who are only there “to do”. Learn more from The Collapse of Expertise and Rise of Collaborative Sensemaking article on GonnaGrowWings.

For 63% of organizations…

…internal collaboration is “crucial”, AIIM 2014 reports show. Organizations are faced with information chaos and John Mancini, president of AIIM explains the reasons behind this situation, in an interview on key information industry challenges, digitization and digital transformation. He states “in this era of rapid change, PEOPLE will be the major source of competitive advantage.”. Read the whole interview John Mancini: the big digital transformation interview by J-P De Clerck for Information Dynamix to learn more.

“What matters most is…

…the quality of expertise within our networks, the ability to quickly and easily find these experts as needed, and most importantly and their willingness to lend a hand when called. “ says Ted Coiné. If I were to talk about the powers of networks and communities inside organizations, I couldn’t find more appropriate words. If you want to understand why in today’s Social Age connection is power, read The Future Is the Connected Organization for OpenForBusiness.

Microsoft Azure OAuth2 Support…

…,Gmail threads, Slack integration, Versioning and new Activity Logs page and are some of the highlights of our latest product releases. These new features are the results of our constant communication with customers and trial subscribers. As always, your feedback is what keeps us motivated to give out best and continuously improve Quandora so that it fits your needs – learn more about our efforts in accomplishing this from our latest blog post, [Product Update] Slack integration, Gmail threads, Versioning and Microsoft Azure OAuth2 Support.

 Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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