The New Workplace Weekly Digest 03/27

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

True employee satisfaction lies…

…in a fulfilling job experience, a series of studies conducted by psychologist Frederick Herzberg show. Deepening your stuff’s knowledge makes for a productive workforce, increasing at the same time company loyalty, motivation and work culture. Learn more about employee satisfaction by reading To Motivate Employees, Find a Balance Between Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement by Jason Kulpa for Entrepreneur.

By utilizing social collaboration tools…

…built specifically for the enterprise, organizations are investing in their employees’ productivity and providing them with better access to the tools and information they need to succeed at their jobs. Tapping into collective knowledge and expertise is one of five major challenges that social collaboration platforms can help with. Find out what the other four are from The five enterprise challenges solved by social collaboration tools by Jens Koerner for EnterpriseAppsTech.

Making work more efficient should…

…be the number one priority for any company deciding to go for a social initiative. Rushing into using an ESN just because the trends say so is an inhibitory element for employees – without outlining a clear value, adoption will fail. Featuring comments by Andy Jankowski, director of Enterprise Strategies, Lauren Horwitz makes an analysis of Why enterprise social initiatives still fail for TechTarget.

Enterprise collaboration lacks a…

…single tool that can serve multiple use cases, a survey from RSG shows. Still, many vendors promote their solutions as do-it-all systems, though many implementations remain at the departmental level and different departments could have procured different tools. And that’s one of the reasons why buyers should look into the integration capabilities of the products they are evaluating. You can find a link to the survey in Kashyap Kompella’s post Is there a Swiss Army Knife for Enterprise Collaboration? for RealStory Group.

Employees need operational-level…

…information and they need to be able to find that information quickly. We’ll quote only two of the few use cases that Steve Bynghall uses to illustrate where operational content is either essential or useful:

  • “Simon wants to find out everything he needs to do in order to qualify for paternity leave.
  • The HR contact center wants to reduce the number of telephone calls it receives about questions such as “what do I need to do to qualify for paternity leave”.
  • Anjli wants to see the latest quarterly figures.
  • Scott from the call center wants to look up some mainstream product information to help answer a customer query over the telephone”.

That sounds like a job for our product! 🙂 A Q&A platform like Quandora works as a great addition to the two solutions that the author presents in his article entitled Beware Red Herrings: Intranet vs. ESN is a Sham for CMSWire.

Happy Knowldge Sharing!

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