[Product Update] Slack integration, Gmail threads, Versioning and Microsoft Azure OAuth2 Support

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Remember that Q&A tool that supports teams and organizations in their quest to facilitate access to knowledge and improve internal collaboration? It just got better: enter Quandora 4.11.0.

It’s been a while since we wrote a product update blog post, so I’ll take you through our latest improvements and new features our platform upgraded with, thanks to all the feedback we got from our customers.

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

Integrated Slack as an activity channel

In addition to Yammer, HipChat and Campfire, Quandora users can now integrate their domain with the popular Slack app. Not only can users log in to Quandora using their Slack account, but Quandora will also post activities (new questions, answers and comments) to Slack #channels and you can even link specific Quandora knowledge bases to specific Slack channels. If you’d like to see how the integration works, this blog post will help with all the details.

slack integration

Implemented versioning

One of the main features of our Q&A platform is that unlike static documentations, content is easier to update. That means that sometimes, questions and answers change content and for this reason, we thought a revision could be useful for history purposes. So starting with Quandora 4.6.0, our customers can enable this option.


OAuth2 support for Microsoft Azure

Big news for Azure users: OAuth2 support is now available! And we already got listed in Microsoft Azure’s application gallery, so accessing Quandora has never been more convenient! If you’re already a Quandora customer, just go to your Access Policy and enable Microsoft Azure login.

azure login

Activity Logs page

Quandora administrators showed interest in accessing their users activity logs, so we made it happen for them. Information can be filtered by date and type of activity. So for instance if you’d like to see which users posted a question within the latest month, getting this data is easier than ever.

activity log

Import Gmail threads

One of the purposes of using a knowledge-sharing tool is to unlock the knowledge that gets lost in email conversations. And because many of our customers used to work with mailing lists before Quandora, giving them the opportunity to import that information was an efficient addition. Had an interesting conversation by email with one of your colleagues? Our system now allows dropping it into Quandora and configure it visually as a Q&A.

gmail thread

And there are several other improvements that I’d like to mention:

  • Users can now upload files when posting new questions or answers. We know how non-intuitive adding attachments was and as promised, we improved it.
  • Users roles improved as well: now editors have permission to rename tags and regular users can create knowledge bases.
  • Since tags category and customs domains have been available, some administrators wanted to disable free tags for specific knowledge bases, so you can now just toggle it off.

We appreciate all the input and reports our customers and trial subscribers sent so far – your feedback is what keeps us motivated to give out best and continuously improve Quandora so that it fits your needs!

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

Looking for a great way to ask questions and build knowledge with your co-workers? Quandora enables simple, efficient knowledge sharing with your team, way more fun than a mailing list or a forum. Try Quandora

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