Digging up hidden opportunities

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Adapting is the key to success whether we’re talking about flora, fauna, people or…business.

Playing smart doesn’t mean changing every time the market determines you to, but rather to master the ability of digging up new opportunities from the resources you already possess. And human capital is the most sustainable asset of your organization.

So how to plan for a more efficient version of your organization’s today activities, counting on your employees present potential? Well, the solution I suggest asks for the elimination of these 3 aspects that burden or limit employees’ workflow:

  1. Down-the-drain time. And by this I don’t mean the time employees spend to recharge (like lunch breaks, personal phone calls or different leisure benefits their companies offer during work), but the time employees spend astray with the research work before the actual work happens. For the most part, projects find obstacles in unreachable information. And time is always an essential key.
  2. Undisclosed knowledge. This is the implicit knowledge, or the know-how that most persons have besides their certified expertise. The truth is you can’t actually have the benefit of a prompt and economical piece of information if you don’t know who to retrieve it from. In other words, you can’t preserve what you don’t expose.
  3. Congested content. Try to detach yourself and your company from the old-school learning methods that include spending significant time reading bulky documentations and manuals. The value of information it’s not in its quantity, but in its usability. Say RIP to RTFM and put all your efforts in capturing only the essential.

An internal knowledge sharing solution is the most reliable instrument in order to block out all of the above listed obstacles. So get your shovel and start digging! For opportunities that is! 🙂

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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