The Cost Of Not Buying

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Estimating the right budget for an acquisition asks for many skills and the pre-purchase routine usually follows a mechanism involving 3 question: “What does it do?”, “Why do I need it?”, ”How much is it?”. Amid this process, the cost of the product or service someone’s going to buy is a heavyweight element.

And I don’t intend to underappreciate the money investment aspect, but there’s another way to look at it and it’s strongly related to the first two questions. Appreciating the benefits of a product or service vs. their cost is not always the best way of analyzing the closing of a commercial agreement.

I’ll explain to you my thought: any action within a company is translated into potential future incomes. And it works the other way around too: not acting at the right time can convert into losses. This means that saying no to a professional commodity can eventually generate a higher cost for your company. If you get favorable answers to the questions related to its features and benefits and you see the advantages in using it, getting flexible about the price can be a smart move.

Decision-making is a complicated and delicate process and it goes without saying that an effective balance is vital for a positive outcome. Just remember that not buying comes with a cost too. It’s more constructive to analyze a purchase from the perspective of the opportunities you missed until now too. Provided the product can actually give you a lift on that. Stay reasonable, but approachable! 🙂

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