Why a Question&Answer Software is the Best Tool for Knowledge Sharing

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There are situations in which smaller teams, consisting in around 50 people, can have real communication problems without a question&answer software in place. And if this happens, just imagine how things would look like if 1000+ people, all of them working towards achieving a common goal, would deal with the same issue, due to various reasons (like being in different places).

According to a report published by the New York Times, as of 2017, almost 50% of people were working remotely at least part of the time.

Sure, this has its benefits, but also comes with some serious challenges. Communication is one of them – especially when members of a team are in different time zones. However, there are solutions for this.

Companies came up with various types of software, like knowledge sharing platforms, project management and team conferencing tools, team chat solutions, time tracking software, or client relations managers. Still, it really doesn’t matter what size your team is: with the right tools, you can easily communicate efficiently.

It all starts with asking questions

Of course, there’s one aspect we should always consider: asking questions will always result in feedback, as the answers offer insight into the situation at hand. Besides, all these answers will reassure you that you’re being helpful, even though you don’t feel like doing that much.

Nowadays, we’re used to seeing a work culture that actually rewards advice through praise and promotion, since offering actually advice creates the impression that you’re adding value to a conversation, but also holds control of the interaction. On the other side, asking questions translates to relinquishing some of that power and empowers other people taking part in the conversation. Finally, this somehow manages to change the communication dynamic between managers and their reports.

And how does a quick and productive meeting, with a clear solution sound like? Well, this is where a question and answer software comes in hand. Let’s find out more details about how it actually works.

Firstly, let’s talk about the knowledge base, the core concept without which a question&answer software can’t exist. Keeping it short, it’s a self-serve online library, containing information about a product, service, department, or topic. The data comes mostly from several contributors, well versed on the subject.

How a question&answer software helps with knowledge sharing

1. It provides consistent service

Every person in the company will speak using the same playbook, without any confusions or missteps if a question and answer software for knowledge sharing can be accessed. Simple as that.

2. Improved customer satisfaction

The quality of support that your company offers is like your  business’  face  towards  customers. Your  support  team  has  to  help  your  customers  solve  their  issues,  fast.  But  they  need  help  themselves,  often from  their  colleagues  that  may  have  encountered  and  solved  certain  issues  before.

If you have a knowledge base in place – and it is well organized – it can serve as a second level support system for your customer service department. All the answers are available in a single place, while if they have additional questions, other colleagues will be there to help them.

3. Training costs get lower

If you implement a question and answer software within your company, and it’s based on a strong knowledge management program, it will be a lot easier for new employees to be trained and put up to date with the latest information. Naturally, this translates to a better work environment and reduced costs. We talked about why it is important to build a Q&A platform for your developers in this article.

4. It puts everything in one place

No matter how well they know the company, even some of the best employees will – sometimes – have some questions. By having all the information they will ever need in one place, well organized, it will be child’s play for them to find answers even for the most complex questions.

5. It puts the company in a good light

You should care about your company’s image and how people from both the inside and outside perceive it. Having a question&answer software for knowledge sharing will make employees more engaged and content about their job, which sets the wheels of success in motion. Happy employees treat customers well, and talk positively about the company making it look smart, up-to-date, and professional. And do you know who else does that? Happy customers.

6. It creates standardized answers

When more employees look for answers to the same question, they will – in most cases – come with different responses, from different sources. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but having standardized answers instead can be better. This is why having a knowledge sharing platform is highly recommended.

7. You get important feedback

The platform creates a feedback loop since all answers can eventually be improved. Also, by analyzing the feedback, you get to engage with people who matter.

8. It creates flexibility

The beauty of a question&answer software for knowledge sharing lies in the fact that it’s very flexible. You can use it for several issues in your company, covering all departments.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that nowadays employees want and expect easy access to all the information they need. By putting everything together into dedicated knowledge bases, not only you will open the door to improved customer service and greater productivity, but you will also increase collaboration and save time since nobody will need that much to find answers for the same questions over and over again.

It really doesn’t matter if all your team is under the same roof or you rely on remote workers. Good team communication is essential to the success of your company. If you feel like you’re struggling from this point of view, consider giving our question&answer software a try.

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