5 Reasons You Should Build a Q&A Platform for Developers in Your Company

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The life of a programmer can be isolating sometimes, as they are passionate about their work and tend to spend a lot of time coding. Their dedication is recognized and appreciated, but sometimes a little more communication is needed. This is where a Q&A platform for developers comes into play, as an excellent way to stay connected to a large support network of developers.

Besides finding answers to some of the most difficult questions and staying on top of the game by helping others, they are a great way to relax, by talking on various topics with people who share the same interests.

Communities like StackOverflow, Toptal, Developers Forum or GitHub are just a few examples of great groups of developers where you can find resources and help.

But what if you want to start building your own Q&A platform for developers? You just need to focus on a couple of key elements. Specifically, you need to start with researching what kind of members you want to attract, then put together a comprehensive plan ahead of the launch. 

Since it will basically be a knowledge sharing platform, you can always buy one, instead of building it from scratch. We wrote an article a while back about build or buy that you might want to take a look at, to figure out which option works best for you.

If you’re still not sure that your team will benefit from a Q&A platform for developers, let’s go through a few of the reasons why it’s actually a very good idea.

1.It enables like-minded individuals to communicate

Q&A platforms are characterized by diversity and this one is no exception. You will be amazed by what you will find, as there are developers interested in security, gaming or even data analytics, while others will focus on promoting awareness or social change. In the end, all this diversity will become one of the most valuable assets of your community.

2. It makes sure information is easy to find

This is one of the core ideas behind a Q&A platform for developers. Creating an engaged group allows information, articles, ideas, alongside questions and answers, to be easily traceable. Sure, the concept itself may be simple, but it takes time and effort to put all the information in one place and organize it properly. However, as long as the community is well moderated, it brings a lot of benefits.

3. It cultivates leaders

Any online platform that wants to function needs a leader. They are like the glue that keeps everything together, if you prefer. And the best way to create leadership in a Q&A platform for developers is to let leaders do what they know best: help others.

Give the developers the ability to lead by allowing them to create groups with dedicated forums, as well as other resources. Once everything is set up, the most valuable contributors to the community will take initiative themselves and guide conversations and projects.

4. It offers recognition for contributing

Everybody feels better when their efforts are recognized. Developers join a private community in order to gain and distribute information, so why not show them that the information they share is appreciated?

Gamification is a common feature across Q&A platforms for developers, because it creates a bit of healthy competition and offers rewards to the most active members, who in turn become more engaged when they see that their efforts are appreciated.

5. It increases employee engagement

One of the best ways to keep employees engaged is offering incentives from time to time. As a side note, this is a great way to create more of leaders as well. Reward the most active members of the community, using things like statuses, badges or even a points system. This will keep them motivated and provide recognition for what they have managed to accomplish.


To wrap up, it’s obvious that building a Q&A platform for developers will take time, but this will automatically contribute to the growth of your company. Developers are a great resource, as through their passion, innovation, and diversity, they help products become platforms. Just look at how companies like Apple or Facebook manage their own developer communities.

In a place where communication, engagement and leadership are valued, as well as the right people, you will surely see your vision turning into reality. But how can you find the right people? By creating a unique gathering point that supports their growth.

Once they are signed up for the community, they will start looking around. Make sure the interface is clean and user-friendly, and don’t forget to constantly ask them to engage with other like-minded individuals. 

All these can be easily achieved by using a knowledge sharing platform, of course. By having all the information and deep smarts shared at the same place, employees can find all the answers they need with only a few clicks.

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