Quandora 2.0: Facebook login, smart suggest, customized newsletters, and more!

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Quandora 2.0, a major version, has been released and it is up and running as per today May 30. As expected from a major release, it comes with a bunch of new features and we think those ones are pretty cool. We’re focusing on improving the user experience these days, and we believe this release is a step forward on this front.

Smart suggest

Quandora’s search just got a lot better! Actually, it’s not a mere search any more: it can be the starting point for your quest for answers. All you have to do is type your question in the search box: Quandora will display existing questions as you type, questions that are matching your text. Thus, if somebody already asked the question before, you’ll be able to access it in a click: otherwise, you have the option to create the question, in one click as well.

Smart Suggest

The beauty of the smart suggest is that Quandora presents not only “exact” results, containing precisely the text you entered; but also questions that are identified as related based on statistical text analysis. So if somebody phrased the question with slightly different words, it will be nonetheless found and suggested to you.

Improved weekly newsletter

The Quandora weekly newsletter is a very efficient tool for user engagement. We thought we would give it a well deserved makeover to make it more human, and more personalized – in short, closer to people’s own environment.

Top gainers of the week

First of all, we’ve added a section with people’s news: top gainers (the most active users of the week), and new users (people that joined during the previous week). It’s always pleasant and encouraging to see familiar faces when dealing with collaboration tools!

Secondly, it is now possible to add an opening text and/or a closing text for the newsletter.

The opening text can be used, for instance, to push Q&A related announcements or other types of communications. Example: if your company is going through a change (new offering, business model change, merger/acquisition…), there’s probably a lot of confusion and wondering going on among people. You may want to launch a Q&A topic (via a tag) to invite them to ask their questions on the subject.

The closing text, on the other hand, could be used to remind people some useful practical information. Ex: the person to be contacted for any Quandora related issue; a link to the Q&A usage guidelines; etc.


Now, we realize that the Quandora manager may not want to customize the text every single week – because he doesn’t have the time, or simply because he doesn’t necessarily have something to say each week. This is why we give the option to setup a text by default, and add a one-time text every time it’s needed. The one-time text expires after it is used once, and it is replaced by the default one.

Log in using Facebook

This will probably not be very interesting news for organizations using Quandora as an internal tool. But if you’re using Quandora for a publicly available, or even cross-organizations Q&A, the log in via Facebook feature makes it easier for people to join and use the Q&A.

And as for our other integrations, that’s only the beginning. We’ll be adding more FB features (sharing, inviting friends…) moving forward.

… plus some smaller but still cool enhancements

Top bar & what's new

  • Redesigned a bit the top nav bar to make it more compact and avoid wrapping when the browser window is smaller.
  • Added link What’s new in the user’s menu: clicking on it shows a highlight of the latest release’s features.
  • [long overdue] Added posting dates on the question’s page.

Enjoy the release, and happy knowledge sharing!


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