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The process of adopting a new tool has to take into account the impact it will have on the people about to use it. The general view on bringing new internal tools within a company doesn’t always have positive connotations. If employees see it as an obligation or extra work, rather than a solution, adoption will be challenging.

Keep in mind that social tools have to inspire progress and engage employees, all the while offering efficient solutions to existing workflow obstacles. Avoid the risk of turning the solution itself into such an obstacle! Make sure the features of that software apply to your company’s specific needs, otherwise it risks becoming a burden for the users.

When we created our product, we focused on a specific difficulty that companies face in present times: knowledge deprivation. Even when team members don’t share personal relationships or do not necessarily like each other, they still collaborate. Many times this kind of information transfer is done using electronic means (e-mail, chats) and sometimes even when meeting in the hallways or at the coffee machine. In both situations, the knowledge involved in their discussion is not used at its true value. Why? Because only those respective interlocutors benefit from it. Maybe in a week from that moment on some other team member needs that same information. They don’t know who to turn to, loosing precious time in trying to detect the right person. And still, the information they need is already present in the company’s knowledge. It was shared and maybe even applied, just not with everybody interested in it. This is precisely what we are offering: a channel for knowledge sharing.

Staying focused on the role of our tool, we chose what we believe to be the best format for this kind of interaction: Q&A. Here’s 3 main advantages this format brings:

  1. It’s knowledge focused. It doesn’t encourage unnecessary intros, vague content, or narrative storytelling.  On the contrary, it accelerates proficient answers. And you’re motivated in doing that. With Quandora answers (questions too) you get voted and each user gets reputation points.
  2. It’s easily searchable. With traditional descriptive formats, a particular piece of information can be very difficult to find. The questions and answers format makes the information easy to scan and to access. Add the tags categories, the knowledge bases, and the fanatically optimized search engine, and you’ve got yourself with a true oracle 🙂
  3. It’s always up to date. Information changes, people need to adapt. And the Q&A tool offers the inviting environment to keep up with all these adjustments. It’s living knowledge.

Using a practical collaboration tool within your company will stimulate performance, improve work relations and employ everybody’s implicit knowledge. And the best way to understand its benfits is to test it. Sign-up for a free one month trial and send us your feedback!

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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