Posting Questions And Accessing Content By Email

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We continue the “Quandora answers” series posts with another popular question among the people testing our solution: Do I have to access my Quandora domain in order to ask a question or to check content?

Let’s take it one at a time:

To ask a question

No, it is not necessary to log into Quandora to ask questions. You can just compose an everyday email and use as recipient the unique email address that each knowledge base is associated with. This will result in creating a question in Quandora – the subject becomes the title, the message becomes the question’s description and the author is identified based on his email address. It’s the same when answering – you only have to reply to the email contaning the question in order to post an answer to it.

To check content

This depends on the rights you are given as well as your settings.

User role – there are five roles that users can get: reader, participant, contributor, editor and manager. According to the one you’re assigned with, you get to browse, post, tag and edit content. These settings can be different for each knowledge base. As administrator, you can limit the audience to the knowledge bases as well as set different roles for the users that are allowed access. According to these aspects, you get full or restricted rights to the content.

Following – you can follow users, tags or specific questions. By doing so, you will be notified by email when updates will be posted from these areas of interests. This is an important action because it allows you to stay permanently updated about the subjects that concerns you.

Notifications – you have a special tab for notifications where you can set up what kind of updates you want to receive on your email (like answers to your questions, comments or edits, badges awarded, new questions from the knowledge base you’re subscribed to or people you’re following, a weekly digest, etc.)

Free browsing – if you are allowed access to a knowledge base, no matter your role, you are free to browse content. This is the only action that asks for directly accessing your Quandora domain – that is if you are looking for content outside your subscriptions listed above.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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