Collaboration And Saying Thank You – An A Plus Combo!

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Earlier in August we had this post on employees cross-promotion that talked about the importance of reciprocity and now I wanted to take the opportunity of this year’s Thanksgiving to talk about how we can be grateful to our helping colleagues. SPOILER: This is not meant to be a heartwarming post, but rather a caption on how unity and collaboration can work miracles for your community’s growth.

Saying thank you is nice but what if we could transform it from a form of politeness into a productive habit?

Appreciation plays an important role in every organization’s environment and collaboration is a natural and practical way to express it. Yes, it’s nice to bring them coffee or lend them your stapler, but this kind of direct interactions are not always possible, especially when working in distributed teams for example. Not only that, but these actions have a limited effect, so you can’t really call them productive, but rather friendly.

So what if you could instead assist them with your expertise and know-how when they’re in need? And how would they ask for it? Well that’s exactly what internal knowledge sharing platforms are for. RTFM methods are slow and passive, so when building our software we aimed to keep essential information revealing and within reach. That’s why we went for a straightforward Q&A format – ask your questions, get your answer.

If your organization uses a knowledge sharing solution, today it’s the best time to start using it. By being an active contributor you’re not only making it up to the ones that showed their support and participated to your professional evolution, but also paying it forward to others.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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