Popular Questions by Functional Role: Human Resources

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Like Technical Support/IT teams, Human Resources departments’ clients are internal. Employees from around a company are helped by human resources on a variety of issues from workplace benefits (e.g. healthcare and childcare) to employee rights (e.g. discrimination policies) to career advancement (e.g. salary and career changes).

HR professionals need to be good at communicating as well as sensitive to those that work at their company. Everyone has needs and wants to feel comfortable and happy at work. Employees are the lifeblood of a company, and HR is there to help. They are the champions of the employee.

Quandora users who work in HR tell us that they use Quandora in two ways: in a company-wide way, and in a private, team-oriented way.

1) Company-wide – set the tone

This use has a hugely beneficial impact on the entire company: HR sets up a Quandora knowledge base where employees from any part of the company can ask questions. And if it’s a sensitive question better asked over email or in person in a more anonymous way (e.g. How do I complain about my boss?) – which is the most common case – an HR person will add the question to Quandora themselves, as well as an answer. This happens often in some companies where questioning is not a committed part of the culture.

In a fun way, they will also share corporate history and culture on the company-wide HR Quandora knowledge base. Employees enjoy learning about the history of the company, why there are certain practices or peculiarities. For example, at Google we had crazy names for conference rooms. In one building the rooms would be 80s TV shows, in another they would be Beatles songs. Where did this practice come from? Ask on the Quandora.

2) Team only

Secondly, HR teams use Quandora internally, amongst themselves. They are careful because HR employee cases are highly sensitive topics. Policies can be shared on the company-wide Quandora. But what we were told about their team use was a pleasant surprise. They simply enjoy sharing information, and so often they will discuss something socially work-related such as “Team offsite ideas?” Or they’ll create a “For fun” knowledge base where they’ll post something not work-related at all, which just lets people get to know each other, for instance, “Recommend a vacation spot in Europe for New Year’s Eve?” or “Best beach-side drink? or “Favorite ringtone?” Some HR teams we talked to encouraged this throughout their organization.

Sure it’s not work-related, but when you spend more time at work than anywhere else, having fun at work is a must.

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