The New Workplace Weekly Digest 11/28

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

A culture of collaboration should be…

…a focus for every business management as it is becoming crucial to connect employees internally and enable them to collaborate effectively. Some of the benefits include effective time and talent management, inclusive and wise decision-making that benefits the whole and fresh thinking. Learn more about this major competency that collaboration is from the article of Suresh Dutt Tripathi from Tata Steel in Business Standard – “Culture of Collaboration”.

Highly diverse teams are 13 times…

…more likely to be engaged than the least diverse teams, new research from Roundpegg, the culture management company, shows. And feeling included as a member of a team is one of the most critical element to engagement: when on a highly inclusive team versus one in the bottom quartile of inclusiveness, people are 82x more likely to be highly engaged. Read Stowe Boyd’s “The answer to disengaged employees is diversity and inclusion” article in Gigaom to learn more.

Wondering what you need to do…

…in order to make collaboration happen naturally across groups and locations, as well as to increase the effectiveness of collaboration efforts? Then Oscar Berg’s new version of The Collaboration Pyramid should help. See the pyramid’s 8 layers starting with “Make yourself visible and participate” at the bottom in Oscar’s blog post “The Collaboration Pyramid revisited”.

“Agility in delivering IT systems and…

…the ability to run them reliably and effectively has become crucial to business growth and success. “, says Nigel Wilson’s from IT consultancy BJSS. And he believes that for achieving this, a “Calms” approach is needed. Wondering what that is? We’ll only say that “S” comes from “sharing”, as the DevOps culture embraces open information sharing so collaborate and communicate. Decipher the rest of the acronym in his “How to develop DevOps capabilities in a mature organization” article in Computing.

The only digital workplaces that are fit…

…for the future are the ones that are fit for human beings to inhabit virtually, says Elisabeth Marsh. Why? Because for digital workplace practitioners it’s all about a very practical set of tools and techniques that help us understand what colleagues really need. What to learn more on the subject? Read her “Build Digital Workplaces Fit for the Future” article for CMSWire.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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