The New Workplace Weekly Digest 11/21

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Can Facebook strive in the business…

…collaboration tools market? Analysts doubt that, as the number one social media network is a bit late to the collaboration table and could turn into another distraction for people during work hours. Hosting the content could also be an obstacle, as companies might not want to host business conversations on Facebook servers. Read how analysts explain their viewpoint in this CIO article “Facebook work collaboration tool makes sense, but could be another distraction, analysts say” written by Loek Essers.

Engaged employees perform better and…

…display organizational citizenship, scientific research shows. Also, employee engagement positively correlate with business level performance and organizational effectiveness. These results make Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic wonder if engagement actually cause higher performance or high-performing employees are more engaged. See the conclusion he reached in his “To motivate employees, help them do their jobs better” in Harvard Business Review.

To better understand workplace stereotypes…

…a global study on millennials that surveyed over 16,000 millennials in 43 countries gave us some interesting results on how this generation sees leadership. As much as 41% confirmed it was very important for them to become leaders or managers, but only 24% of them said they want a fast-track career with constant promotions, focusing more on growing and learning new things (45 percent). Read the rest of the findings in this “Millennials want to lead. Are they ready?” by Henrik Bresman for Insead Knowledge.

Leadership, benefits and engagement…

…are replaced by flexible scheduling, elastic structure, feedback and sociability for the millennial workforce. As top places to work (like HubSpot, CarGurus, Netprospex, MeYou Heath) want them in their teams, paying attention to their needs and having an organizational culture that makes them feel comfortable is a must. The companies above mentioned share some of their best practices in this “Attracting millennials to top places to work” by Ellen O’Leary for

There are smart learners and then there are…

…those who just learn. But what separates the two? The first group are the ones who learn how to learn, broadening their own perspectives through self-discovery, while the latter learn because education is pushed upon them. But there are some tricks to becoming a smart learner – like surround themselves with smart(er) people, asking for help or being adaptable. And Jeff Boss lists nine more in his “How Smart Learners Stay Smart: 16 Ways To Stay On The Cutting Edge” in Forbes.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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