Lessons from our customers: When shoulder tapping is no longer a satisfactory knowledge sharing strategy

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Interruptions. Not cool
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There are many challenges connected to making your startup work, but it gets even harder once you turn it into a scalable business. The free-style structure that once worked can’t apply anymore to the new volume of processes and people you need to handle. So new help is needed.

It happened the same for one of our customers, a company that started out back in 2009.

Their Director of Engineering was their second employee so he’s been with the company from the very beginning, detail that lists him as being the person to turn to when juniors needed help. Once the “shoulder taps” increased together with the company’s expansion, he knew he had to find a way to stop these interruptions without discouraging people to ask the information they needed.

Naturally, their engineers’ selves thought StackOverflow. A hosted StackOverflow-like platform that would offer a private space where their questions could be centralized and answered. And this is how they got to us.

They were pleased to find in Quandora the kind of UX simplicity and crowd-sourcing philosophy they were used to from Stack. And since Quandora is also a fully fledged Enterprise product with advanced options of user account management, integrations, connectivity, the additions came as a bonus.

One feature that was very handy for their organization was the Google Apps synchronize button – just a click and all their users profiles were created. Starting from this canvas, all that was left was to start using it.  And so they did.

Now, the content they created over time varies from day-to-day help and specific information to fundamental, broader knowledge. The interruptions stopped and implicitly, they believe the team became more efficient. All employees help each other and juniors have a virtual knowledge space where they can recheck the information they forgot without re-asking and feeling bad if they forgot something or just don’t know how to handle specific processes.

It’s always a joy for us to see Quandora at work and get confirmations about how it engages collaboration within an organization and it’s even a greater joy to see it employed in an engineers company like theirs! 🙂

Happy Knowledge Sharing!


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