5 Characteristics Of Engaged Employees

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As a manager, you surely have your own methodology of recognising whether your employees are engaged or not. There’s a lot of literature on this topic, too. I thought I would bring my own take on this, and put together a list of top 5 signs that show an engaged employee:

1. They smile on Mondays

Are you familiar to that over-shared “It’s Monday again” images with sleepy, demotivated cartoons and animals suggesting a lack of “joie de vivre” and work mood? While some do it just to cheer the crowd, others turn into those characters in real life, carrying their dull look all day long and feeling down for no real reason.  An engaged employee is quite easy to detect in such an environment – he will be the one smiling and carrying out his responsibilities with the same commodity as usual and trying to pass on his positive mood.

2. They bring their friends into the company

There are some companies that use financial incentives for a person reference that got hired eventually, but there are some that do it no matter if there’s something in it for them or not. But there’s a difference between recommending an acquaintance and a friend. First of all, you wouldn’t recommend your place of work to your friend if you yourself weren’t happy there. And secondly, if the friend agreed to come, this means (s)he heard good things about the company – no employee would talk nice things about their company in their circle of friends if they wouldn’t really believe it.

3. They are “beer outside the office” starters

They feel comfortable with sharing other information beside the work related ones and it’s easier for them to make friends among their work companions. They don’t see other colleagues as potential threats and enjoys their company even when their work responsibilities don’t ask for it. That’s why it’s natural for them to have initiatives about going out and socializing with other employees. And they don’t mind talking about office matters either 🙂

4. They stay updated

About everything concerning their company (directly or indirectly): reading internal reports and newsletter, reading the press about where competition stands and general news about the industry they perform in. This shows interest in more than just their day-to-day activities and dedicated managerial abilities, even if they’re present business position don’t necessarily asks for it

5. They easily adjust to new processes or suggestions

A satisfied employee will always have a wider perspective on new processes or tools that the company decided to implement.  They won’t try to argue these decisions and they won’t feel a burden before even starting using or applying it. On the contrary, they will be eager to test it and see it work.

Just to make it clear: an engaged employee is not an obedient person that tries to please everybody. Engaged employees are nothing more than happy employees that find it natural to get involved in in all company’s processes and make that extra effort from their own initiative.

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