If You’re Thinking About Getting Social, You’re Already Late

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We know, it didn’t look like a necessity for your organization let’s say three years ago when you first heard about it, but since more and more people are bringing it up and the adoption rate increased, you’re giving it a second thought. Maybe you got tangled in some of these misconceptions. But that’s changed now.

Less then one year ago you were surprised it didn’t prove to be a bluff. Six months ago most of your collaborators confirmed they implemented a similar solution. Today you decided: you want on board. You want to get social. We’re delighted to have you on deck, but if you were expecting a pioneer badge, you should know the industry is out of it. Or almost so.

Two weeks ago I came across this report showing the ascending trend of social business within different industries, but also the struggles around it. Looking to the future of social enterprise, I believe it’s important to underline three of the obstacles that still block an important percentage of companies to actively drive the use of social business platform:

  • narrow view of social as a technology rather than a business agent;
  • lack of leadership support;
  • lack of an overall strategy.

In short: its function, its carrier and its message.

Now is the time to state the obvious: social business is not a gala outfit or a whim of modern management. It far surpassed the experiment label and with its recognition increasing among different industries (it extended from Media and IT to sectors of Energy and Utilities) it got the added value confirmation. Sharing and creating information and knowledge is considered an asset to every company that started using it.

Yes, you might be late, but though social business field keeps accelerating when it comes to assimilation, there is still room for progress founders. We call for leaders that are believers. We call for people that understand the concept of sharing and collaborating. We call for you.

And we don’t mind if you start your social business journey with our internal Questions and Answers software. 🙂 You can check some of its benefits on this dedicated blog post.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!


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