The Advantages Of Coordination

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As multi-tasking as we are expected to be in the current professional context, it’s impossible to provide quality services if we concentrate on doing everything by ourselves. Over-perseverance can affect us and the company in many ways – it’s a snake in the grass that we need to be aware of. As self-sufficient as we might think we are, we just need to simply accept that we can’t possess all knowledge.

But have you ever thought about…renting it? Yes, renting knowledge. When in need…Quandora! Let’s see how this works:

Building an internal crowdsourcing platform for knowledge can be really challenging. Information needs to be cleverly organized so that the people accessing it could easily find what they’re interested in. Not giving much thought to its structure can take you back to where you started – too much detective work for coming up with a solutions means less time to apply it. Keep it brief, clean and straight to the point. That’s why we employed a Questions & Answers format: to make the content as absorbable as possible.

Let’s list the main advantages of coordinating through knowledge sharing:

  • No need to dip into some new bushy documentation in order to get to the bottom of just one simple task. The system of using a knowledge sharing platform allows you to skip all this initial training stage and concentrate on what really matters: completing your work.
  • Respect for self and others is fueled. Especially in big companies you seldom get the chance to collaborate with a colleague outside your department. You are usually restricted to the activities you are assigned to and mostly project managers are the ones exposed to everyone’s responsibilities. A knowledge sharing space makes you more aware of your fellow workers skills, giving you at the same time the opportunity to reveal your know-how.
  • It’s widely searchable. Though structured in practical Q&As and dedicated knowledge bases, once the content gets extended, users may meet difficulties in reaching what they’re looking for. Unless you have a search engine for it. And Quandora provides that. All you need to do is to introduce in the search box a key word or even the whole question (so that you can add it if it wasn’t asked before) or simply click on the tags related to your case so that all the results containing it shall be displayed.
  • It’s the most authentic tool you can get to be in touch with the current concerns of your organization. This way it’s easier to spot the weaknesses of your company and offer extra support in that area. And it works the other way around too – celebrate your people strengths and highlight it in all PR actions.
  • Customers are provided with the best services. A smart internal coordination assembly will positively affect the loyalty of your consumers. Regardless of your industry, your clients always expect fast, valuable and clean services. And they don’t like having to contact up to 10 different people in your company for every request they might have – so if they address you a question, though you’re not responsible for that specific segment of your collaboration, do not get influenced by your urge to pass them on, but rather try to offer support by making use of the “rented” knowledge an enterprise social software solution like Quandora can provide.

Do you have a favorite benefit from the ones listed above? Send us your insights!

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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