Are Your Employees In An Open Relationship?

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I am obviously not talking about a romantic involvement, but some of its principles can also be applied to work activities – it’s also about human behavior and communication, isn’t it?

So let’s take a look at these 5 characteristics of open relationships that can successfully be applied in a social business working system that uses a knowledge sharing platform like Quandora:

1. Keeping your options open:

Cleverly using a knowledge sharing platform can be your ticket to upgrading that dusty title on your business card. Get all PR by keeping active and engaging in the discussions where you can show-off your strengths. Those activity insights are running in your favor and it’s a great advance before the evaluation period takes in.

2. Variety:

It’s easier than ever to get access to all your colleagues expertise. No more mailing lists needed (since it’s easier to locate the people you need), no more lack of availability (since the offline content and online integrations), no more professional hidden gems (since everyone has the chance to get a voice).

3. Staying updated:

Being part of a closed system that stimulates proprietary feelings usually makes us forget about working at personal growth and most of the times we tend to lose track of novelty info – it’s getting us lazy. This changes completely when we’re thinking crowdsourcing. It’s an opportunity to get the best out of each, giving us access to regularly up-to-date info.

4. Being available:

It’s pretty hard to be up to new challenges if you’re dedicated to just one…activity. Today’s work rhythm asks us to find fast solutions in areas that might not be exactly found in our competences list, so finding time to pursue and cultivate our individual interests and abilities is a must. The no strings attached rule gives you the power over your own agenda.

5. Continuous challenges:

Yes, it keeps us in shape and you can’t get bored. Knowing never ceases and if it does, you’re clearly not in the right place. Getting in contact with everyone’s know-how balances self-awareness: the feedback received can help you grow self-confidence and at the same time confront our insecurities. It’s the first aid kit for making sure you don’t get rusted that easy.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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