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Every time I talk about our Q&A knowledge sharing software, there are several questions that arise from my listeners. This is why I decided to prepare a set on these common questions that help our potential users get a clearer picture on what Quandora is all about.

I will make a habit out of posting it from time to time and here are the first ones:

1. Is this like an FAQ?

Except for the Q&A format, there is nothing connecting the two. Quandora doesn’t work on predefined questions meant to help a general audience – it’s actually the opposite of this process. Questions are created from issues that people stumble upon both in their every day work, but also on specific situations that ask for particular know-how (implicit knowledge) or expertise.  The beneficiary is not only the person whose questions got answered, but also the other users that are granted access to that group.

2.  Is this like Stack Overflow or Quora?

In the sense of finding solutions through the power of crowdsourcing, yes. But these are both open communities to which everyone interested in that matter can get access to. Quandora is offering a private, password protected space to share proprietary knowledge – you can create an unlimited number of knowledge bases, each dedicated to a specific department or group of interest. It can, of course, also be used as a public Q&A for discussion forums and communities.

3. Is this like a customer support service?

No, there is dedicated software for that segment and Quandora is not it – our tool centers on internal collaboration. However, the access policy can be set so that people from several organizations will be able to participate in your knowledge sharing community – so external users can be allowed as participants too. Our customers use this feature for their distributed teams or for exchanging information with their partners.

Do you have any curiosities concerning Quandora? We’d be happy to assist you with everything you need to know.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

Looking for a great way to ask questions and build knowledge with your co-workers? Quandora enables simple, efficient knowledge sharing with your team, way more fun than a mailing list or a forum. Try Quandora

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