What’s the backbone of your organization?

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Anatomically, your spine has the duty of supporting your whole body.  Enclosed in it, the spinal cord has the function of linking your brain to most of your body parts. It’s easy to see why metaphorical, the expression “grow a spine” implies a lack of assertiveness or strength of character of a person.

Following the same reasoning, if the whole body represents your company, its spine is what glues it all together – its core value, the device that holds up the entire structure.

But what is the main element that constitute this fundamental device? Can it be bought, taught, rented or won? Let’s take a look at some of the most indispensible ingredients of a business and try to find some answers:

  • Procedures – in order to be productive and under control, work needs to be systematized. Procedures have been a solution for years and they work like a compass for everyone in a company. But a compass is useless without someone who knows how to read it. This takes me to the next ingredient:
  • Employees – the human capital is your main tool. They’re the ambassadors of your organizations, the chief protagonists for most of your business technics. They enliven the procedures by putting them into practice – a good procedure is worthless without the appropriate employee.  Who’s responsible for that? Let’s proceed and find out:
  • Management – managers put everything into motion. They handle both elements above mentioned – they decide which procedure is more accurate for the type of business their organization belongs to, do their best in choosing the most fitting employees and try to constantly find ways to engage them.

Did you identify your company’s spinal column? Could you really choose between the three? I think not since they’re all vital for any organization – but what if we pay more attention to what helps them all coagulate? What’s that substance that puts procedures, employees and management in the limelight? What’s that detail that neither procedures, nor employees, nor managers could be valued without? Squint your eyes and look closer: it’s the knowledge within them!

Without knowledge, procedures would have no meaning, employees would be in a permanent Brownian movement and managers would lose all their main tools.

That’s the backbone of every organizations and that’s the ingredient you should always be concerned to protect! Because by protecting knowledge, you implicitly protect your present and future employees, your management and your business.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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