The New Workplace Weekly Digest 11/13

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

“A collaborative culture supports happier,…

…more engaged employees, according to a recent Google survey of 258 North American companies. The survey found 88 percent of respondents who strongly agreed that their company supports knowledge-sharing and collaboration also strongly agreed that employee morale and job satisfaction were high. Organizational silos — or employees who operate in isolation from others — stymie innovation and severely hinder employee relationships from forming.” Read Matt Straz’s article 4 Ways Companies Foster Productive Co-Worker Friendships for Entrepreneur to learn more about how silos can be broke down with better collaboration initiatives.

“The formal structure of a company is always…

…drawn as a hierarchy, but system thinkers nowadays all agree that, more often than not, successful organizations behave as networks. Modern companies are often compared to networked cities rather than hierarchical factories.”. As David & Tom Kelley say in Creative Confidence, “The most innovative companies in the twenty-first century have transitioned from command-and-control organizations to a participatory approach that involves collaboration and teamwork. They draw on the whole brain of the company.”. Read Jurgen Appelo’s post in Forbes, The Third Qualification For Future Companies to learn how people can operate and innovate like a brain or city.

Learning to balance both your technical and…

…interpersonal skills is crucial no matter your position in a company. Quoting an employer, Paul Wiseman says “I have never fired an engineer for bad engineering, but I have fired an engineer for lack of teamwork … people have to work together. They have to collaborate.”. In order to be a good employee, John Suzukida offers several tips: “Be part of the solution, not part of the problem; your value as an engineer is limited by your ability to get things done in teams. Don’t unwittingly become a harder person to manage such that managing you becomes the team’s challenge.”. Read his article What employers want for Consulting-Specifying Engineer to get the rest of the tips.

76 percent of top-performing field service organizations…

…have formal mentoring or coaching programs in place, compared to a 41 percent industry average, an Aberdeen research shows. “While these formal engagements are a plus, companies also should include opportunities for employees to casually share information and develop informal relationships. At GE’s Global Leadership Institute in Crotonville, N.Y., senior leaders and thousands of other employees have the opportunity to teach and learn from one another, with the ultimate goal of creating more cohesiveness and collaboration.”. “In a complex environment, learning comes from a combination of discovery, dialogue, experience, reflection and application,” Raghu Krishnamoorthy, GE’s vice president of executive development and chief learning officer says. Read Marguerite McNeal’s article Mentoring Programs Boost Employee Engagement, Service Revenue for Field Service Digital.

Most of us still work in environments where email…

…is king, but several workplace shifts are driving a transformation in business collaboration as we know it—including the rise of today’s remote workforce. But to empower today’s workers, companies need to give us more seamless ways to stay connected, no matter where our work takes us. “When trying to remember that key nugget of information a colleague shared, no one wants to waste precious time piecing together conversation fragments from text messages, emails, or desktop IMs. The digital workplace of the future is coming, and organizations that want to attract and retain the best talent should stop relying on email and instead embrace specialized apps that break through all the clutter to make people’s work more efficient and productive than ever before”. Read Elizabeth Brigham’s Workplace Communications is Evolving…Where will the conversation take you? for to get more on the subject.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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