The New Workplace Weekly Digest 08/28

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

The ability to digitally reimagine the business…

…is determined in large part by a clear digital strategy supported by leaders who foster a culture able to change and invent the new. MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte’s 2015 global study of digital business found that employees want to work for digital leaders and many new ideas arise through collaborative efforts among people of different backgrounds. For other highlights of the study read Strategy, Not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation by Gerald C. Kane, Doug Palmer, Anh Nguyen Phillips, David Kiron and Natasha Buckley.

The common belief that knowledge is power…

…has become outdated. Nowadays, with the seemingly interminable reach of technology, knowledge may be powerful but sharing knowledge is the true source of power simply because it enables others — it allows people to make decisions based on the direction and objectives of the company rather than waiting for “mommy” or “daddy” to make a decision. Dissolving silos is how you scale your business, but doing so warrants trust. Read Jeff Boss’ The Single Hardest Thing You’ll Do as a Business Owner for to find out more.

Companies need to re-think their approach…

…on how to support collaboration, idea generation and recognition. With mobility on the rise, corporates also need to create spaces that provide environments that foster Gen Z’s mentoring and development requirements, empowering them and making it a space they want to visit each day. They thrive on private time to think and explore new ideas while remaining close to their team mates for mentorship. Organizations will need to coach their millennials on how to provide this type of management and also create workplaces that support this employer-employee dynamic to maximize their potential. Read Adam Hunter’s What Gen Z want in a workplace to learn more about the future of work.

Millennials are truly the collaboration generation….

…This generation actually prefers more collaborative work environments, social settings and life experiences. They prefer to work on teams when it comes to work projects. They want to work with managers and supervisors to resolve challenges together as a team versus being given a directive and operating independently. They grew up on soccer teams, basketball teams, baseball teams, track teams and football teams. They believe in team and have grown up benefiting from the results of collaborative teamwork. Read Tru Pettigrew’s A Culture Of Collaboration to get more on millennials’ role inside organizations.

Companies can benefit from fostering a closer collaboration…

…between Gen Yers and senior employees. This can be achieved by building strong connections that link C-level executives and the new guys. Such a strategy helps Millennials benefit from the guidance of those better skilled, while they also feel their worked is of high value and are able to learn fast. The very same game plan can also help your company discover and train the leaders of tomorrow. Read our latest blog post Millennials’ Great Expectations Are Changing The Game Of Employee Retention to get more on the subject.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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