The New Workplace Weekly Digest 07/31

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Organizations that successfully adopt…

…collaborative learning methods will establish a true competitive advantage for their businesses. This includes breaking down knowledge silos that inhibit or prevent knowledge-sharing. And it’s all within the network – somewhere within an organization’s cumulative brainpower is a person who has the immediate answer to a question an employee in another office would otherwise require weeks to answer. Read James Bowley’s Two Minds Are Better Than One for CLOMedia to learn more.

Technology is a necessity in the…

…creation of a future workplace. But one important consideration when embarking on technology is that it should not “make the employees feel disengaged but rather the opposite – to be more engaged.” It must be used to pull people and the workspace together, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Dimension Data recently conducted an exclusive roundtable discussion with senior IT and HR executives to understand the needs and challenges of a future workplace for the next generation of workers – learn what they found out by reading Technology enables purposeful collaboration: A Future Workplace discussion for Enterprise Innovation.

Surveying a group of academic and…

…industry leaders about the current state of higher education, IBM Institute for Business Value found out that the very skills needed for workforce success are the same skills graduating students lack — such as analysis and problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, business-context communication, and flexibility, agility, and adaptability. Underscoring this point, 71% of corporate recruiters indicated that finding applicants with sufficient practical experience is their greatest challenge when recruiting from higher education institutions. Find out more from Michael D. King’s Why Higher Ed and Business Need to Work Together article for Harvard Business Review.

A recent study commissioned by AT&T…

…found that despite 79% of respondents reporting that they believed that good collaboration was very important to their organizations, over half felt they were not very effective, or were outright ineffective, in their collaboration efforts currently. Same study also found that just over half of organizations will be increasing their budget for collaboration tools, given the strategic and tactical value they can unleash. Read more about the state of strategic management of collaboration from Dion Hinchcliffe ‘s How collaboration ended up in IT, and why it may move for ZDNet.

In today’s organizations, no one can…

…hold all the answers, so reaching out to your colleagues is often a smarter thing to do. Collaboration can boost your career. You get to benefit from other people’s ideas and points of view, while others learn from your creativity and experience. And ego is a set-back in a collaborative organization, as it is a mix between pride and self-doubt. Those two things make you feel and act like you’re the hub of the Universe. And this leads to isolation from your peers. Learn more on this topic by reading our latest blog post, Want to Get Better at Collaboration? Try Suspending Your Ego.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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