Quandora secures $150,000 seed funding from Kima Ventures for its Enterprise Q&A software

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New-York, NY, 26th of February, 2013 – Quandora, the vendor of Question & Answer software for knowledge sharing, announces that it has secured $150,000 seed funding from Kima Ventures to boost its development.

Founded in 2012 by Andreea Barroca and Bogdan Stefanescu, Quandora brings a fresh take on knowledge management by providing a software that enables teams to share their know-how and experience in a breeze and with fun. Quandora aims at bringing to the Enterprise world the type of technology pioneered by services like Quora and StackExchange.

“We’re obviously very happy to welcome Kima onboard, not only because this seed funding will help us move at a quicker pace on our roadmap, but also because the people at Kima are seasoned professionals the advice of whom will be invaluable to Quandora.” says Andreea Barroca, CEO and co-founder of Quandora.

“Quandora’s approach brings simplicity and efficiency to solve an old problem every organization faces. We’re excited to join and help the team grow to the next stage, as knowledge management is clearly one of the biggest challenges of this century’s distributed service economy. We believe Quandora addresses this need at the right time, the right way.” says Jeremie Berrebi, co-founder of Kima Ventures.

Quandora Question and Answer allows distributed organizations to put in place Q&A communities – public or private – where people can ask questions and learn from each other as if they were in the same place.

  • The Q&A format is short, factual, task-oriented – basically, ready to use knowledge.
  • Extremely simple and natural interface, people instantly know how to use it
  • Integrated with popular enterprise tools like Google Apps, Salesforce.com, Yammer, email – and counting.
  • Featuring social networking, game dynamics, and crowd-sourcing mechanisms.
  • Providing powerful business analytics.

Quandora is particularly used today by technical teams, agile and distributed, leveraging its capabilities to foster and spread knowledge among the team members. It accelerates employee onboarding and facilitates the tacit knowledge transfer across the team.

Pivotal Labs, a legendary agile consulting company, uses Quandora to bring people and experience together all over the country. “At Pivotal Labs, our team’s technical expertise and constant refining of our processes is a key reason for our success. As we’ve grown, direct interaction between Pivots is more difficult, but Quandora helps us continue to take advantage of each other’s knowledge and experience” – says Sean Beckett, the company’s director of IT.

About Quandora
Founded in 2012, Quandora redefines the lines of the knowledge management through a social and collaborative software that naturally fits into the daily way of working of teams. Its flagship product, Quandora Question & Answer, helps organizations surface and share their experience, insights, customer knowledge, history, know-how, expertise, lessons learned, etc. In other words, capitalize on their most valuable asset: human skills.
Quandora is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and has offices in Paris, France.

Looking for a great way to ask questions and build knowledge with your co-workers? Quandora enables simple, efficient knowledge sharing with your team, way more fun than a mailing list or a forum. Try Quandora

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