Quandora 1.6.0: analytics, leader boards, and more!

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Quandora Stats pageThe version 1.6.0 of Quandora has been released, and it’s up and running as per 8th of February, 2013. It includes exciting new features like usage metrics, leader boards, enhanced tag management experience, and new options to reach people and increase engagement.


A new section, “Metrics”, is now available to Quandora managers, in the administration panel. It includes a series of graphics about the organisation’s questions and answers activity: global activity, user posts, logins, others… within a configurable period of time, grouped by a configurable time unit (day, week…). Also, it shows global statistics like: questions asked, answers posted, edits, comments, votes, invitations sent… as well as the top users by score increase and by login.

The graphics can be seen within the analytics page, or popped out in a dedicated window, for more comfort and detailed view.

Leader boardLeader board

The leader board is an excellent mean to stimulate people’s competition spirit, hence motivating them to increase their participation. It is also an efficient content discovery tool. For instance, top validated answers authors, or top voted answer authors, are likely to lead to highly relevant content that is not easily discoverable otherwise.

Enhanced tag management experience

In the previous versions of Quandora, managing the tags associated with a question was part of managing the question itself. With this release, we’ve separated question management from tag management, in order to:

  • make it easier to perform a quick adjustment on the question’s tags (like adding a new tag, for instance), without having to go through the whole form. An in-place editing experience is now available for editing the tags.
  • allow giving people the permission of editing other people’s questions tags, without letting them change the question itself. This is useful, for instance, when somebody posts an answer that influences the question’s tags. He or she should be able to add one or more tags, without touching the question.

The permission of editing other people’s questions tags has been included in the existing Contributor role, and we introduced a new role, Participant, that does not contain this permission. This way, organisations can assign by default the role that best suits its culture.

Auto-follow option for Knowledge Bases

Auto follow option for KB

Following a Knowledge Base allow people to get notified by email about the base’s activity. To make sure users notice the Follow base option, we show them a hint about it at their first visit. The follow base option proved to be a very efficient way of engaging users, therefore we went a step further with this feature.

With this release, we provide the option to set up an “auto-follow” flag on each Knowledge Base. If set to On, the new users are automatically subscribe to the base’s notification, without requiring an explicit action on their side. They can, of course, unfollow the base later if they wish so.

Stay tuned for the next releases, and happy knowledge sharing!

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