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This is a fun post that hits close to home because marketing is this blog writer’s area of expertise. How do marketers and teams of marketers use Quandora? The first question to ask is, what is the marketer’s objective?

That’s an easy question – the answer is twofold. Marketers are hired to 1) grow the business and 2) to communicate with current users and keep them happy. However, the “how” is not that easy.

Some people think of marketing as simply an exercise in creative thinking. But it’s more than that. The marketer needs to be consistent with other marketers at the company, and also careful because what they produce is usually public-facing.

And there’s another major wrinkle. Unlike developers who can often code in solitude for hours and accomplish a lot, almost everything the marketer does involves getting help and buy-in from others. Along the way, all marketers encounter bureaucracy, roadblocks, and the need for collaboration. Getting anything done can be an uphill battle.

For example, before they can launch an acquisition campaign, marketers need to get approval from internal teams and higher ups regarding the campaign message and appearance. They need to get budget for the campaign from management. They need to get designers and web engineers to create the campaign and landing page, perhaps hire actors and an external advertising agency. And at the end, they need to document everything that was successful (or unsuccessful) so that other marketers within the company can learn what works.

All along the line, the campaign can just get cut or go into constant disapprovalrevisionrepeat – a type of purgatory reserved for marketers. It takes an act of will to see something through, especially when it’s a creative idea.

The marketer is constantly fighting to create and defend his vision. But now, we have the most powerful tool for building a case. Data.

Over the last ten years, there has been a sea change in the marketing role. For the first time in marketing history, the marketer has a treasure chest of data about their users and their campaigns which they can use to tweak messaging to increase engagement, and measure campaigns down to the click.

More and more, marketers are using data to make informed decisions about how to communicate with and acquire more users, whether it’s user persona or usage behavior, user-testing or surveys, or engagement metrics from online and offline campaigns. Having this info at the ready and actionable is the difference between a good marketer and an exceptional one. That’s where Quandora comes into play as a great tool for finding and sharing this information! Read on….

From what our marketing users tell us, we can bucket their Quandora use into three areas: 1) getting and giving inspiration and ideas, 2) monitoring the user base, and 3) sharing acquisition campaign learnings and techniques.

1) Inspiration and ideas

An example question in this bucket is, “What is the most inspiring/successful campaign you’ve ever seen in our industry?” Just thinking about it can get your creative juices flowing and the discussion will always be a profitable one. For example, in tech, Apple is always the high watermark for higher purpose campaigns that are also simple. But what else is out there? Samsung recently spent a ton to sponsor a Jay-Z launch. Was it effective? How is NetFlix marketing? Personally, I enjoy the way E-Lance does email marketing.

With questions like these, new marketers at a company can learn from veterans who have been in the industry for years. And everyone can use the reminder that different things turn different people on.

2) Knowing Your User base

Another Quandora question marketers have told us they post is “What are people saying about our product?” Not everyone on a marketing team is actively monitoring comments and user forums, or even bloggers and press. It’s vital for the marketer to be aware of what their users are saying.

Quandora is also being used as a place to find the latest dashboards. A question can just be “Marketing Dashboard” with links to the latest dashboards in the answer area.

3) Campaign Learnings – What’s Working?

Marketers are telling us this area is their most practical usage of Quandora. For examples, let’s talk about case studies. They’re are a great thing to publish to teach potential users about the product. They show practical examples of how current clients are using your product. However, these case studies and others customer usage examples should have internal bite sized blurbs that all marketers can digest quickly. On Quandora, a knowledge base can be dedicated to customer learnings. Imagine a marketers wants to promote a feature. They can search Quandora to see if any mentions of that feature have been posted to a Customer Learnings knowledge base.

Another potential question in this area would be, “What’s our best channel for acquisition?” or “What’s the desired AdWords CPA for a certain product?“

As a marketer, it excites me to think about how much knowledge can be shared within Quandora for marketers, especially because having data is the marketers most powerful tool. Finally, our job is getting easier rather than harder.

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