Popular Questions by Functional Role: Business Development, part 2

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Here’s our first post on how business development teams use Quandora: for keeping notes on deal and partnership progress, viewable by their entire team. What’s the second way they use Quandora?

2) Sharing knowledge with the partner (or potential partner).

This is one of the smartest uses of Quandora we’ve seen.

A Quandora knowledge base can be set up so that external users can access that KB. So, if we do partner with Apple, or are exploring it with them, we can exchange questions and answers with their organization as well, such as who is the owner of the deal, and what is the latest status.

Quandora is especially a great place to share helpful information about things like technical progress of an integration, or simple things, like “who’s our point of contact now?” Just make sure the Access Policy is set to “External/Multiple Organizations.”

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It’s important to be aware to what information is posted, because terms of deals can obviously be sensitive. You hear about leaks in Silicon Valley getting published in Techcrunch or Valleywag – just do a search for “leaked memo” – and no one wants that. But those leaks are bound to happen, and usually are information that was contained in emails. In fact, Quandora is probably a better forum than email, because the two parties enter into its use knowing that it is visible by people on both teams.

It’s also just a great way to make an overture of trust and collaboration to another company – “we’re going to share knowledge with you, and do it in a smart way.” Every time a new person is added to the collaboration, they won’t have to be brought up to speed via email. And also as mentioned, contacts change often and a lot of time is spent hunting for the new point of contact. If it’s posted in the collaborative knowledge base, you save time and are introducing a team mindset between you and the other company.

By definition, Biz Dev professionals need to be good at sharing, and their Quandora use is inspiring in how creative and collaborative it is.

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