The New Workplace Weekly Digest 11/7

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

What do employees need to…

…go the extra mile? If employees’ retention is hard, getting them to give a 110% is even more troublesome. That’s why the employee engagement firm TINYPulse conducted a survey called “The 7 key trends impacting today’s workplace”. Involving over 200,000 employees in over 500 organizations, answering the question “What motivates you to excel and go the extra mile at your organization?”, the answer “Camaraderie, peer motivation” ranked first. Find out the rest of the results by reading Victor Lipman’s “New Study Answers: What Motivates Employees To ‘Go The Extra Mile?’” article in Forbes.

We use technology tools every day…

…both as consumers and as employees. But the experience when in enterprises is still close to excruciating. The problem? Bad UX (user experience) leads to inefficiency and user frustration – when this happens, that technology is broke. Following the way-to-well known principles like “Keep it simple, stupid” and “Put like with like” is a start, but the depth of understanding your users is crucial. Read Kevin Conroy article “Why Can’t Enterprises Get User Experience Right?” for CMSWire to get the whole picture.

“Co-workers are one of the best…

…resources for learning” says Andre Lavoie when talking about some of the best ways to build both social and analytical skills. Why is it important to have both? Because when one of the two is missing, office cohesiveness and productivity start to alter. So learning from each other is one of the best practices that fit well into company cultures that support skills development. Curious about the other four he listed? Then you should go ahead and read his “The Seesaw of Social and Analytical Skills – 5 Ways to Build Both” article for Entrepreneur.

Does you company exhibit cult-like…

…behavior? Wondering what that is? Well, if you silence your employees’ opinion or push them to blindly follow leaders, the answer to that question is a yes. And that’s not the right answer if you dream about innovation. Inflexibility is one of the enemies of growth, but if you want to fix this, there are always solutions. Chris Cancialosi from gothamCulture thinks that creating a collaborative environment is a good start. Read all about it in his “How to Take The ‘Cult’ Out of Your Company Culture” in Forbes.

Embracing the digital channels…

…of enterprise communication as a gift, not a burden is one of the key attributes of being a great leader in the modern digital workplace. Little by little, the management theory of “Servant Leadership” (though, in my POV that’s a bad way of putting it) replaces that 80s outdated MBWA (Management by Walking Around) practice. Supporting those within your organization is they key to win their appreciation and with it, their engagement. Read Paul Miller’s “Top 7 Characteristics of Great Digital Wokrplace Leaders” in CMSWire to understand what’s expected from a leader in a digital workplace.

 Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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