The New Workplace Weekly Digest 10/17

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Just buying ESN software won’t do…

…the trick. If you want the new tool not to be ignored by your employees, your investment needs to be in planning and vision as well. Social software is not a trend, but a productivity boost engine, and in order to improve users adoption the keys are very much related to executives endorsing it, to integrations with other tools employees already use and to making the business goal as clear as possible to them. Read more on the subject in this “Many employees won’t mingle with enterprise social software” article in IT World by Juan Carlos Perez.

The cultural enemies of collaboration…

…stretch from not knowing who to collaborate with, to poorly targeted management rewards. “Collaboration is the corporate equivalent of exercise: we all know we should do more of it but reality often falls short of the ideal.” Caitlin Fitzsimmons begins her article. And the first step to start doing that is to get the appropriate tool. Then, once you get to the dynamics of it, your organization can enjoy the perks of collaboration. But be aware of  “The six enemies of collaboration beyond shoddy technology and workplace design” before deploying your strategy.

Unified communication (UC) is the key to…

…speed operations in today’s younger, tech-savvy workforce and advanced technology environment. The role of CIO has changed and managing the shift from a physical business infrastructure to a digital one is crucial in order to work faster and collaborate across distances. This includes showing the board how investing in collaboration mobilizes talent, promotes creativity and fosters team collaboration. Building strong internal communications is one of today’s work environment leaders main concern and Scott Mccool tells us all about it in this “How tech leaders can prepare for the future of work” article in Entrepreneur.

The HR software landscape is now more than…

…a $15 billion market, exploding in growth and innovation. Josh Bersin highlights ten of the biggest disruptions happening in the HR technology market and offers guidance for your technology roadmap or investments over the next year, so you can keep up with these innovative times. The LMS (learning management systems) is trending since companies now need to reskill technical stuff, onboard and train new employees and build deeper leadership pipelines. Read about the other nine in his “The top 10 disruptions in HR technology: Ignore them at your peril” in Forbes.

Successfully deploying social tools is…

…largely about the social framework in which they are implemented. Intuitiveness, ease of use and a user-driven framework are qualities a collaboration tool needs to have so that enterprise social software is pushed forward. You can’t impose adoption, but you can encourage employees to use technology effectively by providing management support. Bryant Harland believes that data is the next frontier for enterprise social and he thinks Facebook provides us an important best practice related to this: behavioral data. Read his point of view in this “The evolution of the social enterprise: How data will rule business communications” article in NoJitter.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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