The New Workplace Weekly Digest 10/03

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

“Trying to embrace or create a culture…

…that isn’t true to you is a big mistake.” There’s been a lot of discussion related to company culture lately, but it’s only from your own experience that you get to understand what fits best your organization. Read Henry Helgeson’s “7 steps to a healthy, authentic company culture” and learn from his best practices.

Fully contributing with their skills, talents and…

…abilities is one of the things employees need in order to feel engaged. Jathan Janove believes leaders should lay their employee engagement foundation on three pillars: making a difference, shared purpose and connecting personally. Get to understand what each means by reading his “Maximizing employee engagement – three legs of the stool” article.

Maintaining a happy, productive workforce…

…when it comes to generational differences is no easy task. Casual Fridays and free concert tickets are frivolous perks now – what employees expect from their organization is common purpose and knowledge transfer, namely a place where they can grow. Learn everything about it on “What companies are getting wrong about every generation” by Stephan R. Fussel.

Tech companies’ employees find job fulfillment in…

…seeking different challenges, developing new skills and watching their contributions influence the company, so they’re twice as hard to engage. Tarun Nimmagadda shares with us his experience related to the strategies that helped him develop and retain best tech talent. Read his “How to keep your tech talent happy” in Forbes and learn from his best practices.

Intellectual rework happens when knowledge…

…that should have been passed down from longer-term employees and leaders, didn’t. And that’s not the only downside to not being open about sharing your expertise and know-how. The knowledge deficit among Fortune 500 companies is estimated at $12 billion annually. Read this piece on “The lack of knowledge transfer in SA business” to learn more.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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