The New Workplace Weekly Digest 02/13

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Hoarding knowledge is still a topic…

…that needs to be addressed in organizations, as “reinventing the wheel” and facilitating knowledge transfer is still a common problem that CEOs struggle with. Part of the cause might be that people still assume that knowledge is power. But in David Christian’s TED talk we find out that knowledge sharing is what has allowed us to survive and evolve collectively, as Jose Carlos Tenorio Favero underlined in this article entitled “Knowledge Sharing: It’s in our DNA” – click on the link to learn more on the subject.

The high-performing, hard-charging…

…sales person is most of the times the hero of the day in most organizations. But a recent report “The Sales Organization Performance Gap,” co-authored by Harvard Business Review contributor Steve W. Martin had the goal to identify the differences between a “good” sales organization and a “great” one, concluding that the best sales organizations are the ones that are united for a greater purpose than themselves. Read more about their findings in “No Cowboys Here: Teamwork, Culture Leads to Sales Succes” by Erika Morphy for CMSWire.

Be sincere and enthusiastic when you…

…communicate with your colleagues. “When a everyone participates, everyone grows”, says author Robert V. Keteyian in his article How bosses can encourage transparency in the workplace. He emphasizes the fact that a growth-oriented environment, in which everyone is encouraged to contribute, paves the way to success. Find out more in this article written by Robert V. Keteyian for FastCompany, “How Bosses Can Encourage Transparency in the Workplace”.

Almost two thirds of the Millennials that…

…occupy leadership positions are unprepared for handling this kind of job, a survey has showed. They have different expectations when it comes to life and career, one being their continuous thrive to be in a collaborative environment. They want recognition for performance and this is how you can help them become better leaders – see Daniel Weinfurter’s complete POV in his “How to nurture millennials tech leaders” article for Information Week.

Most of the tips and tricks that promise to…

…bring law and order into your messy Inbox have largely proven counterproductive or impossible to follow in the long run. Part of the solution is the transition to collaborative tools that help employees with everyday tasks, supporting them in becoming more efficient. If you want to learn more about this, read out latest blog post, “You reply to the easiest emails first. As your inbox count goes down, the difficulty level goes up”.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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