The New Workplace Weekly Digest 01/23

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

The traditional workplace is changing…

…so traditional styles of leaderships also need to adapt to remain effective and achieve best results. Quoting Malcolm Gladwell, the millennial generation is more about “the network” rather than “the hierarchy”. Analyzing different studies, The B Team found that authenticity and soft skills will hold companies together. Read their post in The Guardian called “As the traditional workplaces breaks down, will leaders adapt?” to find out more.

Email is terrible for team collaboration…

…and Weekdone shows us 8 reasons why so. Using email, valuable knowledge gets buried deeper and deeper every minute of the day. Fact: it takes longer to process an email than it takes to actually write one – goodbye, productivity! Up to 30% of time spent on email could be saved if collaboration would be transferred to a dedicated tool. Check out this “8 Reason Why Email Is Terrible for Team Collaboration” slide share to understand why.

“A manager who cannot lead is…

…not able to build trust and create engagement within an organization to get to where they need to go. Just as a leader who cannot manage has a vision of where they want to go but no idea of how to get there” says Jacob Morgan in his latest article for Forbes magazine. And we couldn’t agree more. Read “Why All Managers Must Be Leaders” to understand why it’s necessary for management and leadership to go hand in hand.

Using the example of intranets…

…Oscar Berg wants to open our eyes when it comes to taking one tool (that worked for a specific problem) as the solution for every other situation that might arise within an organization. Companies need to explore how technology can be selected so that their employees work smarter as individuals and as a team. Read his “Focus on the hole, not the drill” post to see what this analogy is all about.

70% percent of change initiatives…

…are bound to fail due to the reluctance of employees, different studies show. General collaboration tools tend to generate more resistance, especially from younger employees, as they don’t have any patience for lousy workplace software. Read our latest blog post “Why all the reluctance? Niche is better than all-in-one for collaborative tools” to learn how to ensure a smooth change for your employees when deciding to deploy new internal collaboration tools.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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