First Requirement for a Collaboration Tool to Work? Get the People There

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In yesterday’s post we also talked about the most important obstacles that block companies in adopting social business solution.

And even though not all people are tech savvy, its’ not the technology that shuts off users from engaging with social tools. It’s skipping steps.

The most powerful collaboration tool is worth nothing without a decent amount of organization members using it. It seems like an obvious thing, but getting people to at least give it a shot is maybe the most challenging part of the adoption.

We prepared a baby steps list that will help you get users engaged, thus making adoption more organic:

  • Introducing people to the tool you just acquired is essential. Education is one of the steps that need to be carefully planned. Organize sufficient training sessions, so that even people that are less comfortable with new technologies can understand the principles that makes the tool work. Not understanding it will kill their interest.
  • Send internal information to spread the word about the new tool. Use all existing communication channels: mailing lists, enterprise social networks, instant messaging system, etc. Include the purpose of it and list some of the main advantages for using it. Make it clear and compelling – if people understand the role of it, you’ll have their attention and participation.
  • Get on board top influencers in your organization. Think beyond upper management, as innovation comes from the most unusual places. Invest social to bring out social. It will naturally grow adoption and help with the rest of its implementation withing the present work flow.
  • Create some interesting, even controversial content to get people’s interest. Content is actually one of the most important elements that define the social enterprise. And get creative! There’s this customer of ours who displayed daily post-its in their office’s kitchens for a couple of weeks, showing the most interesting exchanges happening in the tool.

It’s important to give sufficient support to all these steps – a deficient implementation can lead to a good product’s isolation.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!


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