Own your Q&A: advanced customization now possible with Quandora

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Have fun with the look & feel

After a long series of cool integrations, we’ve decided to build the latest release (1.8.2) of our Question and Answer software around personalization and branding features. It is a logical step within our strategy of providing a user experience that’s as pleasant and smooth as possible. After implementing process-oriented integrations (SSO, users synchronizing, email notifications, activity sharing service, and many others), we now enable organizations customize the Q&A’s look and feel in an easy and clean manner.

But that’s not all – actually, there’s a whole bunch of nice new features in this release. Let’s see!

Branding and UI customization options

What does someone deploying a Q&A for his community or team want to personalize as far as the UX is concerned? Probably the global theme (background, colors, fonts…); the logo; the favicon; header and footer; and style sheets. He may want to insert some tracking code for analytics, or a bit of JavaScript code for displaying ads, as well.

All that is now possible in Quandora, in an easy and clean way. We offer a set of themes by default, but they can also be personalized. For the logo and favicon, you can now simply upload yours, they will replace the default ones. As far as the header and footer is concerned, we give the possibility of inserting directly HTML content, for maximum flexibility. You can override existing CSS (we provide examples of how to do that) and create new ones. And you can insert your JS code in a dedicated tab.

Branding section in Quandora admin panel

In short, you have all the needed tools to brand Quandora as a seamlessly integrated module of an existing website or application.

Want even more control on the users experience? You can use our complete REST API to add Q&A capabilities to an existing community, exactly the way you like.

Search across all the Q&A Bases

Extended searchQuandora is structured in what we call Knowledge Bases (or Q&A Bases), that are basically a way to group the Q&As based on their theme, audience, or other criterion that makes sense for the organization or community. Usually an organization uses several Q&A bases.

We extended our search feature to be able to search not only in the current Q&A base, but also across the whole domain. When a user types the search keywords, a drop down menu opens automatically offering him to choose a global, cross-Q&A bases search. (A local search is performed by default if the user doesn’t choose otherwise).

New in the third party authentication providers family: GitHub

Login with GitHub

A common use case for using Quandora is knowledge sharing for technical teams. For those cases, we’ve added the possibility for developers to log in using their GitHub account.

(And speaking of GitHub, a quick note to say that we’ve developed a little cute Hubot plugin allowing to “talk” to Quandora via natural commands: check it out here)

 … plus a handful of nice new small features

  • the Auto-follow option is now enabled by default for the first Q&A Base. This means that the users are automatically subscribed to email notifications, facilitating the users engagement from the very beginning.
  • we improved the REST API, adding even more functions
  • we improved the integration with Yammer, by streamlining the sign up process and enabling the activity sharing with Yammer by default for those who sign up from Yammer
  • we’ve implemented a release notes tool, allowing to display in-app notifications to all users when there are new user-facing features in the product.

We hope you enjoy the release, and as always, we are happy to hear from you!

Happy knowledge sharing!


Note: We usually publish a release notes article per each major release. The present release notes article covers, however, two major releases: 1.8 and 1.8.2.


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