Quandora provides teams with a platform to ask questions, learn, and share knowledge.

Ask Questions, Build Knowledge

Technical teams

Technical people are confronted with unique learning challenges: changing technologies and dispersed team members, all while working in a fast-paced environment. We empower teams to ask questions, share knowledge, and learn on our accessible platform.

Business teams

Share knowledge about issues that matter to you - sales, customers, communication, culture, management - in a way that transcends hierarchy, location, and departmental boundaries. Learn from the experts: your colleagues.

Open communities & discussion forums

Build knowledge through the simple act of asking questions. Whether you are part of a business community, professional association, or educational institution, our platform will empower a community of continuous learning.

Question & answer format

All learning experiences begin with a question. We give users a platform to ask them.


Our product. Your way.
Add your logo, colors, styles, and more.


We provide users instant recognition and a touch of fun through game dynamics.


Google Apps, Yammer, Zendesk, Jira, and more - check out our integrations!

privacy & security

Advanced access control options available.


See how engaged your users are in numbers.

We can help you

  • On-site training & consultation

    Each organization is unique. Our experts can help you identify the right structure and user engagement strategies for your Knowledge Bases.

  • Firewall-Protected installations

    Want Quandora behind your firewall? Our product can be delivered on premise and integrated with existing IT tools.

  • product support & technical questions

    We are always happy to hear from you and answer your inquiries.

646-535-6735 / sales@quandora.com

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