Quandora can be used in many ways, depending on your company’s organization, culture, and processes.


Engineering and R&D

Software Development & Support

Building software requires expertise, collaborative thinking, and innovation. Quandora empowers developers to ask questions, share knowledge, and learn on a platform that is accessible to all team members.

Consulting & Projects Delivery

In delivering services to customers, every company has unspoken rules, modes of operating, and technological know-how that is hard to find and track. We help you to capture, document, and communicate this proprietary knowledge.

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    At Pivotal Labs, our team’s technical expertise and constant refining of our processes is a key reason for our success. As we’ve grown, direct interaction between Pivots is more difficult, but Quandora helps us continue to take advantage of each other’s knowledge and experience.

    – Sean Beckett, director of IT, PivotalLabs

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    We’re a distributed company, and we’ve built a great deal of knowledge in our areas: Social Business, Operational Intelligence, WEM… Good collaboration tools are crucial for us. As part of a global collaboration strategy, Quandora fills nicely our knowledge sharing needs. The fact that it plays well with other software is a big plus for us!

    – Ashish Bhutiani, CEO, Function1

Support Teams

Product Q&A

With Quandora, engage your business ecosystem by creating a knowledge community around your product or services, and build a platform for customers and partners to align on common projects and initiatives.

Community support

On top of your standard professional support, with Quandora you can offer readily available answers to recurring situations. Thus, the support team can focus on the more specific issues.


After we set up a Quandora based Q&A space for our partners, we saw the quantity of support tickets decreasing quite sensibly. Plus, our partners are providing high quality input.

– Alain Escaffre, VP Product Management, Nuxeo


Business Teams

Presales & Sales

“What are our references given this scenario?” “What agreement should I send?” “Is this feature technically feasible?” These are some typical questions that sales people ask daily. We give them a platform to do it in a way that’s easy, efficient, and benefits to everybody.


As a manager, it can be challenging to find sources of relevant input and acknowledgment. Quandora enables managers to securely and privately share insights and experiences with their fellow managers inside restricted Knowledge Bases.


When we opened offices overseas, onboarding and training new salespeople and sales engineers became a challenge. Quandora helps our team learn from each other as if they were in the same place!

– Bruno Bastet, General Manager, Novactive