Tools for Asynchronous Working. How to Manage a Team Scattered Around the Globe

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The 9-to-5 job begins to feel like a relict of the past in today’s digital workplace. A flexible system, not depending on time zones or standard working hours is gaining momentum. Many professionals now consider solving tasks while on a beach in Bora Bora or a forgotten village in Sicily, with a just savory granita and a laptop. And Enterprise 2.0 tools are here to make this happen.

Software and creative companies have started doing it long ago. Asynchronous working style, in which every individual is given the freedom to work from where they want, is the new model of the digital workplace. Collaboration glues the team members together, while online tools help everyone coordinate and stay focused.

Practice has shown that such a system enables teams to be even more productive compared to traditional ones. Needless to say that career conscious people are more effective if they work on their own, handling priorities at their pace and establishing a schedule that allows them to stay fresh throughout the whole day.


Team interaction is the very core of a highly productive company or startup, and asynchronous working style heavily relies on it.

Collaboration enriches the meaningfulness of every person’s job. Employees that are open to share knowledge and offer their expertise can help the whole team grow, and this is a prerequisite to stay ahead of other organizations. Sharing knowledge and providing help and support often means ditching a bullet or avoiding a mistake.

An environment in which everyone has the right tools to help themselves and are not afraid to ask questions when in doubt, leads to a higher job performance. Consulting colleagues regularly and being available to your peers are among the values of successful companies.

Tools to master asynchronous working

Sometimes, in asynchronous teams, different time zones feel like a bump in the road, because a colleague you might need at a particular time is unreachable. That’s one of the situation knowledge bases will come in hand, as they can provide “offline” access to a colleague’s expertise and know-how.

Collaboration tools like Quandora, our Q&A solution for teams, have proven their effectiveness in today’s work. The software enables you to ask questions and to receive answers from the team members who encountered similar issues or know what to do in a specific situation. Seasoned with gamification, it’s a tool that’s fun to use!

One of the perks of using such a platform is that it limits unnecessary interruptions (the number one productivity killer) like shoulder tapping or stacking up emails. Enterprise 2.0 tools will work wonders on the productivity of your employees, if chosen wisely – here’s a list of other collaboration products that you might want to look into.

Enjoy your granita and…

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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