The New Workplace Weekly Digest 07/17

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Getting people to collaborate is…

…one of the biggest challenges a company can face when it comes to changing people’s behavior. So when trying to generate a major boost in operating efficiency for Lear company, the people responsible decided to take a four-phase approach, focusing on awareness, learning, practice, and accountability. They wanted strong but collegial leaders – check how they managed to make a success out of this journey by reading their post Changing an Organization’s Culture, Without Resistance or Blame for Harvard Business Review.

Success is based on strategy,…

…collaboration and reward, says Jean Martin, Talent Solutions Architect at CEB. Following the Wimbledon competition, she came out with some tips, learned lessons from the champion athletes. One of these tips is to build a collaborative mindset: help leaders to self-discover the value of collaborative leadership that is required by seeing in practice how individual actions affect the collective. Read the rest in her post Game, set, match! Here’s what businesses can learn from Wimbledon.

Successful collaboration within…

…a business is as much a matter of culture as it is of implementing technology say speakers at Dennis Business Media’s inaugural Collaboration and Communication conference held in London this July. But delegates and speakers alike agreed that while building a collaborative culture may prove difficult, once it is in place other key aspects like rolling out collaboration technology will be easier and more likely to be accepted. Read more on the subject in Collaboration is about people, not just technology by Jane McCallion for ITPro UK.

With many companies already…

…experimenting with holacracy and flattened organizational structures, some believe that the anti-middle-management floodgates are about to burst. Considering a significant expansion of the C-suite as imminent, Thomas Frey, executive director and senior futurist of The DaVinci Institute lists a few new titles that we may see added in the near future, like Chief UX Officer or Chief Human Resources Officer. Find out more about the context and what the other future C-suite jobs of the future may be from 10 C-Suite Jobs Of The Future by Jared Lindzon for FastCompany.

Many businesses talk big about…

…how they’ve taught employees to work together online. But are they working together effectively? Online and face-to-face are two different things, and truth being said, one cannot replace the other. However, each of the two has benefits and disadvantages. For instance, online collaboration can give you an upper hand when time, distance and communication issues are involved. Want to dig deeper into the subject? Then read our latest blog post Online Collaboration Got More Productive. It’s All About Using The Right Tools.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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