Teamwork At Its Best

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Most companies promote teamwork as part of their culture, considering the positive impact collaborative work has on the generic results of the organization. Working together as a team, even without being assigned to a specific project, is considered to help build a positive work environment and to bring equal satisfactions to its members.

Or is it not? People are so different even when it comes to business strategies, professional conduit or work agenda. We each perform on our own personal schedule and this interferes at an operational level with a common purpose that teamwork asks for. Differences however, are not to be aligned, but rather to be exploited.

For example, people that have a competitive character are inclined to individual success. And no manager will ever consider being triggered by individual purposes a negative outlook. As long as it serves the greater good, namely the company, workplace competition is welcomed.

So, if being a team player is good and staying competitive as well, how can we reconcile both characters in order to get the best of both worlds? The solution is the most obvious one: encourage teamwork, but offer individual acknowledgement. Let me rephrase that: use a knowledge sharing platform that also covers gamification features.

Internal collaboration is in itself a teamwork effort. Information is naturally built by putting together different expertise levels and individuals know-how. They might access it at first just by curiosity, but by browsing its content it’s impossible not to spot a question that they can help with, or even find answers to some of their current issues. Either way, they are participating. And common effort is a teamwork move.

But what if your activity on this crowdsourcing platform could be measured and awarded? This could be a great incentive for employees that need to feel like their contribution is acknowledged. You’d be surprised how getting reputation points, badges or being on top lists deliver personal satisfaction.

Quandora makes a good couple out of these elements and I believe that’s essentially the spirit of teamwork: successful self for a successful whole. It’s teamwork at its best!

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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