Product update: Quandora 1.1.2, a minor release

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Invite people to answer

A new – minor – version of Quandora Questions & Answers, Quandora 1.1.2, has been released and is now live.

So what’s new?

Invite users by email

Invite people to answerQuandora already provided the capability of inviting existing users to answer to a certain question. This version extends the invite feature to people that don’t necessarily have an account in Quandora, by simply providing their email address. Not only is this a practical option to ask people for help, but also, it’s an effective way to sign in new users and thus increase the activity and improve the content.

Improved email notifications

Email notificationQuandora email notifications just got better with this release. First, we improved the email appearance (colors, layout, disposition) to provide a more pleasant and easier to read message. Second, we included more information about the author and the activity, for added value.

And speaking of email communication to the users, here’s a sneak pic from the next release: we’re currently working on a newsletter system that discovers & sends the most interesting questions to people, accordingly with their profile, interests, and preferences.

SalesForce signup

As we are stating all the time, integrating Quandora with other Enterprise tools to offer a smooth user experience is a key focus for us. The Late Summer Release came with added Google Apps integration features. The current release takes a step further for organizations using (whose people can already use Quandora with their SF accounts) by offering a signup option directly from AppExchange, SalesForce’s marketplace. The integration is currently under review by SalesForce and is expected to be activated in a couple of days.

Exciting feature are planned for SalesForce users in the next two releases (October and December), including Chatter notifications and cross-referencing Quandora content and SalesForce’s CRM content to enrich the salespersons’ perspective on accounts/opportunities/leads/others. Thus, the salesperson could see a list of related Questions and Answers when looking at an account in SF, for instance. And inversely, a question page in Quandora would display related content from SF.

Stay tuned for the next releases! And meanwhile, happy knowledge sharing with Quandora!

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