The New Workplace Weekly Digest 9/19

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

“The people you work with matter more than…

…the perks you get”, said Dharmesh Shah during his Inbound2014 keynote. We were first timers at Hubspot’s popular inbound marketing conference and completely impressed not only by the tens of great speakers they invited (and appreciative at them sharing their expertise with us), but also with the energy vibe from all the other attendees. Make sure to follow the #INBOUND14 hashtag on Twitter to enjoy, even offline, all the knowledge exchange that circulated during this event.

Many leaders and employees would rather..

…hoard documents on their hard drive and complete an action without ever asking for input or advice, as Dan Pontefract puts it. Which explains why employee engagement levels are still fragile in today’s organizations. And we couldn’t agree more. We recommend his “ABC of collaboration” article, featured on Huffington Post. Spoiler: “D” stads for “Deliver” 🙂

“I need your help” should be one of the things that…

…employees want to hear not only from their boss, but from their colleagues as well. It’s a form of recognition that boosts employee engagement and helps with building a culture where everyone’s skills are acknowledged and valued. And it’s an authentic statement. Read all “11 things your employees want you to tell them every day” article in Inc. by Peter Economy.

Middle managers often go unrecognized by…

…senior leadership, Sarah Miller Caldicott believes. Want to change that? She advises to make sure you value learning competencies, as they’re a group that grows when they collaborate. And train them on how to efficiently use tech platforms that provide connectivity inside the company. Read other best practices on how to engage the center of your organization in her Forbes post.

 Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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