The New Workplace Weekly Digest 7/18

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagementcollaborationorganizational cultureknowledge sharingleadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Keeping your expertise to yourself…

…just won’t work. If you hide knowledge from your coworkers for fear that they might steal your ideas, expect this to backfire. Recent studies show they will return your selfishness, which will end up killing your creativity. Read more in BusinessNews Daily about how this happens in various companies and work climates – an article by Chad Brooks.

Good ideas come from anywhere, so the more voices the better”…

…articulate Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese, authors of the book “The Collaboration Imperative”. New opportunities arise when communication works within a company and usually “the average return on collaboration is four times the initial investment”, they say. Find out more lessons lessons on collaboration from Marty Zwilling’s post on Business Insider.

Working together with someone…

…is more like a science than like an art. One of the tricks everybody can apply is to encourage team members to ask each other for feedback. Also, use the “split approach” and dive your group into self-manageable subgroups. Check out more information on how to optimize working together from Belle Beth Cooper’s post featured in The Next Web. 

Three years from now…

…the numbers of people who believe social media is very important for companies will almost double, and enterprise software could have an even bigger growth. Learn more about how companies can leverage social business both internally and outside of them in this article written by Noreen Seebacher for CMSWire.

Quandora Q&A now supports custom fields…

…and tags categories for smarter browsing. As far as a Question & Answer base is concerned, custom fields are useful in attaching more specific, named information to questions. Examples of possible custom fields: “Product version” (3.2, 3.3, 4.0…) , “Post type” (Question, Discussion, Article), “Confidentiality level” (Public, Confidential, Secret), etc. Read a complete blog post about this feature from our own blog.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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