The New Workplace Weekly Digest 05/29

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Many companies are investing heavily…

…in initiatives to attract and retain employees, but what is it that employees, especially millennials appreciate in a workplace? It’s equal treatment, embracing change and collaboration. They believe they can achieve more by working together. The lesson for managers? Encourage knowledge sharing – the key to any project is diverse representation and input. Learn how Liz Brenner got to this conclusion by reading her post Three Things Millennials Want Their Managers To Know for Business2Community.

“I don’t know many people who want to…

…go to their grave with knowledge they haven’t shared,” says 63-year-old Bruce MacLaren. A familiar name in the IT industry (IBM< Symantec, Dimension Data, etc). Work colleagues often enjoy tremendous camaraderie, but it’s sometimes marred by a tinge of rivalry or one-upmanship. Not for the core people at Grey Hair Consulting that share five inviolate principals: “I never want to fill in a leave form ever again. I never want to watch my back again, which you tend to do in corporate life. Then there are three really important ones: have fun, play to your strengths and work with people you like and trust.”. Read Retirement Reboot and share this positive example.

Efforts to make more ambitious use of…

…collaboration, enterprise social networking, unified communications, and other workplace transformation technologies often get only passing attention from CIOs, who tend to pay more attention to the more technically complex and expensive “core systems” projects, says David F. Carr. He believes that if you are serious about changing the way your organization works, you must carve out some fraction of budget and management attention for digital workplace initiatives. Read his article for Forbes Digital Business Not a Spare Time Activity for the full story.

Email in this day and age, has a lot of…

…weaknesses when it comes to collaboration and efficiency, though everyone admits it was an amazing invention. Not compatible anymore with today’s digital workplace that asks for collaborative environment though. If you need any reasons to make the shift, Sara Larsen offers nine of them: time saving, social matters, keeping track of tasks, productivity, better communication, transparency to name a few. All encouraging to create a space where employees can help build the values, innovations and where you can take advantage of your entire companies knowledge. Read her post 9 reasons to graduate from email into collaboration in the cloud to understand the importante of Enterprise 2.0.

Personal technology in the workplace is…

…everywhere. The use of shadow IT services at a business unit level has greatly increased, and digital duties are expanding in almost every job. The digital workplace is a business strategy for promoting employee effectiveness and engagement through a more consumer-like computing environment. And the digital workplace is a business strategy for promoting employee effectiveness and engagement through a more consumer-like computing environment.. If done well, the digital workplace can result in a shift toward the more open, dynamic and innovative work environment needed, Christy Pettey believes. Read her post for Gartner to understand why she believes that Every Employee is a Digital Employee.


Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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