The New Workplace Weekly Digest 05/15

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Coaching by peers or…

…line managers was the method of learning most likely to grow in use in organizations over the next two years, according to almost two-thirds (65 per cent) of respondents of the 17th annual Learning & Development Survey from the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development. The way in which we learn at work is evolving and there’s a growing shift towards creating a hands-on learning culture, with internal knowledge-sharing initiatives. Read the whole story in Training Journal – Firms increasingly favouring internal development options, study finds.

The ability to learn from other…

…in this time of post-expertise is a must, as we need to learn quickly, thus we rely on our co-workers and the internet for a great deal of our education. So we are learning to ask questions, get answers to those questions and ask additional questions – that’s the natural cycle of learning. And how Deb Lavoy puts it, the age of experimentation needs doers above all. Read her article Asking and Doing. The Only Skills that Matter Anymore for CMSWire to see how she got to these conclusions.

Instilling a culture of collaboration…

…learning, and continuous development in your company is important from day 1. You want to provide skills and knowledge that will enable them to grow in their role and become an asset to the company. And becoming a valuable team member isn’t something that can be taught with a few training videos–it requires a deliberate investment in cultivating the right collaborative qualities and mentoring the people who have the potential to drive your business forward. Read John Ambrose’s post for Fortune, 3 ways to keep your startup from failing.

In any organization, the best…

…brand ambassadors are those who believe in the organization. They are the ones who, when asked if the company is a place worth working in and doing business with, the answer is yes. This is the bottom line measure of engagement. Collaboration is becoming a fundamental driver of engagement within business, and it’s largely an internal communication function to embrace, introduce, and drive it within an organization. Read Daniel Munslow’s Collaboration – a game changer to understand why leaders are the drivers of culture.

Asynchronous working style…

…in which every individual is given the freedom to work from where they want, is the new model of the digital workplace. Collaboration glues the team members together, while online tools help everyone coordinate and stay focused. Collaboration enriches the meaningfulness of every person’s job. Employees that are open to share knowledge and offer their expertise can help the whole team grow, and this is a prerequisite to stay ahead of other organizations. Sharing knowledge and providing help and support often means ditching a bullet or avoiding a mistake. Read out latest blog post, Tools for Asynchronous Working. How to Manage a Team Scattered Around the Globe to learn what tools can support your digital organization.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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