The New Workplace Weekly Digest 05/08

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

The right tools matter…

…in order to streamline internal communication. Improving both horizontal (peer-to-peer) and vertical (employee-to-manager) communications will connect employees at all levels, as each individual is empowered with a voice on issues or topics that matter to him or her. Collaboration tools create transparency, harness the wisdom of the crowd, and track employee suggestions. Read Rich Kneece’s article 5 Tips to Create Effective Internal Communications With Your Team for FastCompany to learn more.

What executives and middle…

…managers actually do when it comes to leadership with digital networks has a inordinate determining effect on whether workers usefully employ social tools in their day-to-day work, taking unique advantage of what makes them special, and creating meaningful new levels of business value. Comparing traditional leadership with network leadership, Dion Hinchcliffe shows why digital networks are the new management imperative. Read his article for Adjuvi, The Strategic Role of Digital Networks in Corporate Leadership Today to learn all about it.

To support genuine collaborative…

…teamwork within an organization, Winsor Jenkins – author of The Collaborator: Discover Soccer as a Metaphor for Global Business Leadership – believes there are 11 operating principles that serve as core. To list some of these principles: Promote Both Individual & Team Values, Rely On Each Other (reinforces the team orientation and minimizes the “silo” mindset), Seek Skillful, Adaptable Players (people and teams who can quickly “assimilate” and use new skills). Get to know what the other principles are by readings part three of his series Discover the Collaboration Code for Innovation.

Businesses should leverage disruptive…

…technologies to foster engagement and productivity as the workforce is getting younger and this younger generation is so used to communicate via social networks, that they want to take this habit to their work as well, believes Gary Swale, director business development at Knowledge Dimension. Leaders need to understand that they need to create a collaborative culture using the right technology platforms – allowing people to engage, share and collaborate. Read the rest of his statements for ITWeb in Regina Pazvakavambwa’s article Social tech disrupts the workplace.

First future of work forum…

…organized by FOWCommunity took place recently and Rebecca Daneault, the FOWC Community Manager took some interesting notes from the speakers that Jacob Morgan shares with us in his latest article for Forbes. Transparency, diversity and purpose are keywords in their talks about culture or leading and engaging millennials. Learning and leadership alignment are other management elements that digital organizations should focus on. Read Jacob’s full article, What Some Of The World’s Leading Companies Can Teach You About The Future Of Work to learn in detail what these forward thinking organizations representatives have to say.

 Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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