The New Workplace Weekly Digest 04/17

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Leadership participation is…

…crucial for collaboration, a research from Altimeter Group shows. After talking to a leadership team of a tech firm in the Valley that installed an internal enterprise collaboration platform, Charlene Li – founder and CEO of Altimeter concluded that because top executives didn’t see engagement and collaboration as a good use of their time, employees quickly learned that they shouldn’t either, hindering the adoption process. Learn more about it by reading her article Why No One Uses the Corporate Social Network for Harvard Business Review.

Enterprise social software…

…adoption might be low because there might be a mismatch in needs between the workforce and the tools that supposedly help get things done. This article is actually written in response to Charlie Li’s piece presented above, as Stowe Boyd – futurist and researcher – disagrees with her conclusion. He instead focuses on the excess of communications that’s as dangerous as the lack of it. Check his complete point of view on the subject by reading The Sticking Point with Social Collaboration Tools for CMSWire.

Upgrading and streamlining…

…communication processes to make collaboration fun, not frustrating should be a main focus for companies. Less than intuitive systems and communication delays leave employees feeling frustrated, be it in office or working remotely. Lorin Thomas-Tavel – Kaplan Test Prep’s COO says that effective use of technology is critical, as technology platform, channels and tools serve as the underpinning for enabling connections within teams. Get to know more 5 Companies Tell Us How They Retain Their Best Talent by Sara Sutton Fell for Entrepreneur.

The Future of Work – A Journey…

…to 2022, a recently released 30-page PWC report is presenting the concept of “three worlds of work”: the blue one, the orange one and the green one. In short, in the blue one is ruled by “big company capitalism” where individual performance trumps the team; in the green one both employees and customers force change and invest heavily in collaboration technology; in the orange one smaller and agile organizations reign supreme and the driving goal is maximizing flexibility while reducing costs. Read Jacob Morgan’s Three Scenarios For The Future Of Work for Forbes to learn more.

Within the digital world…

…conducting successful dialogue is more important than ever as such behavior increases a company’s profit by helping people make better decisions. Dialogue is one of the most powerful and accessible tools a person has to both learn and instill knowledge and having a conversation is an opportunity to learn something new and to expose your know-how – as long as it’s meaningful. Read our latest blog post, The Natural Art of Having a Dialogue to learn the rules of an effective dialogue.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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